Yes! There Are TWO Now!!

May 23 was Anna's 18th birthday! 
Yes folks, I have now officially joined the ranks of women with adult CHILDREN!!!! (as in multiple, not single! How did I get so "old"?)

We started the day with crepes for breakfast, and then Craig and I took her on a special date. First, we went to the mall and did a little shopping. Then, on to our favorite restaurant, La Fermata. We brought Naomi here for her 18th a year and a half ago. This is becoming a lovely tradition!! With 18 long-stem red roses awaiting her, we had an amazing meal! Dessert was a delicious creme brûlée, complete with candles! 

I am so blessed to have TWO adult daughters whom I count as two of my dearest friends!! 

A proud Daddy! A beautiful Daughter!

And Look! Below is a picture of Anna's first braid!!! :-)


  1. Happy birthday!!! You've been such a blessing and inspiration to so many of us. I pray that the Lord uses you in many lives, as I know He already has. Thank you for your example of trusting in Christ through your struggle with leukemia! It was and still is a great encouragement and challenge to me.

    Your friend and brother in Christ,

    P.S. I'm also pretty glad you're here to see your eighteenth birthday! :-)

  2. That is just amazing! What a treasure you are, Anna, to everyone around you! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy 18th birthday anna may God bless you in this yaer of life.
    hope you had a graet day anna
    Your friend and brother in Christ

  4. My dear Anna. Happy Birthday and I love you so much!

  5. Happy Birthday Anna!
    Your braid is so beautiful!


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