Who Doesn't Love a Sucker????

Too cute for words!
And who doesn't love that hair?!!!!!  What a crazy do!

For The Love of....Butter?

Zeke is a weird child.  He LOVES butter!!!  He has been known to go and stab a stick of butter with a fork and take bites of it as if it's an ice cream bar!!!!!  It's kind of funny, except when you go to put butter on some bread.............
Our nibbled on butter
Another angle

A Little Wisdom Lost..... ;-)

Time to go!
A quick smile just to appease mom!
Don't take a picture! I feel miserable!
I'm so out of it but something tells me I really don't like you right now!
Sleeping off the anesthesia 
Even a welcoming party!
Feeling slightly better and feeling the love of siblings! <3
Today Naomi had all four of her wisdom teeth extracted.  Three of the four were compacted, the fourth was partially compacted.  The surgery lasted only about 45 minutes from prep to recovery.  She went in with a smile and came out looking....well.....I'll let the picture speak for itself!  She is; however, enjoying time up in her quiet, dark room with videos on the laptop.  The pain is being kept at bay with some lovely prescription stuff.  Unlike with her tonsillectomy, she is enjoying the jello, pudding, popsicles, and juice.   Thank you to all who prayed for her today!!!  Please continue to pray for her recovery!!!

Nathanael's Day

Orange knots
Cinnamon Rolls before the frosting
After the frosting
The bakers three
frozen yogurt from Blu Berry
His new gift
Today was Nathanael's big day........we had orange knots and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Olive Garden for lunch (he chose fettucini alfredo with salmon), and special snacks for Bible study dinner.  We also went to Blu Berry for dessert, yum!  He got to go to Toys R Us to pick out his gift....Playmobil.
Getting ready for lunch!
Dad, Mom, and Nathanael
The fettucini with Salmon
Steak parmesan

Happy Birthday, Nathanael!!

Twenty one days past the date I was "due" and as discouraged as I could possibly be, I went in to my doctor's appt. for a check up.  He asked me if I felt the contractions I was having.  I said I couldn't and that I didn't know I was having any at all.  My husband asked if we could just head on over to the hospital and be induced.  My doc called to see if there was availability and there was.  So, we headed over and got checked in.  I never ended up needing pitocin as the other options used worked.  During our wait, we were given a pass to leave the campus and go get dinner.  We went to T Paul's in Astoria, a place that a friend we went to school with owned.  She marveled at the fact we would come and have dinner in her diner while I was in labor!  When our hour was up, we went back to the hospital and Nathanael Craig Houston was born at 10:23 p.m.  My smallest boy, he weighed in at 8 pounds even and was 19 1/2 inches long!  He was cute as could be and had a head full of dark hair.  It was love at first sight!!!!!!  My heart was smitten!
Baby Nathanael

Nathanael has been a joy with his sweet spirit and mild temper these past twelve years.  His smile is infectious.  As a toddler, he loved to make people laugh.  If he did something that people laughed at, he'd do it again and again just to keep them going!

A couple years back
He is a sixth grader and in the boy scouts of America where he has earned the rank of tender foot.  He has many dreams and goals for his future.  He desires to be used however the Lord would lead.  He loves God with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Nathanael getting his rank from his scout master, Shane Hilson
For his day he is making orange knots and having his sister make cinnamon rolls.  For lunch, he gets to choose a restaurant for his date with dad and mom.  Since his birthday is on Wednesday Bible study night, he has chosen to bring a special something for his class.  I am so thankful God has blessed us with this young man to nurture and train up in the ways of the Lord!

Twelve! And oh so handsome!!!
Happy 12th birthday, son!!!!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.....

The scallop
Did you know salad could be a thing of beauty?
So Handsome!!

Last night my husband surprised me with a very special date!  He took me to my absolutely favorite restaurant in the whole world!!!!  And my girls kept Selah (Yay!)  La Fermata is an amazing place to eat.  The ambiance is very romantic and the food is EXQUISITE!!!!!  We started out with an appetizer of scallops....mmmm.  Next, we had a lovely salad.  For the entree, Craig had Oregon free range ribeye dry rubbed (better than Ruth's Chris even!) with a side of asparagus and potato au gratin, I chose the duck with a fig reduction and  also with asparagus and potato au gratin, I think the potatoes had a hint of saffron and possibly goat cheese....  oh so phenomenal!!!!   This place is a five star rating in our book.  La Fermata is located across the Manette bridge and promises to be a perfect spot for a romantic evening!

A Smile Worth a Thousand Words....Or Dollars? :-)

God is a God full of blessings!  And He gives great gifts to His children!  We are praising the Lord for the very special gift He has just blessed us with.  Let me share the story:

Several years ago, we noticed Nathanael's front tooth didn't seem to want to come out.  He was well past the age when the top, front, left tooth should've fallen out and the permanent tooth grown in.  His right one had.  When we went to the dentist, the x-ray showed something unusual.  Actually, the dentist didn't even know what was going on!  So, after some very frustrating chaotic consultations, we FINALLY got to the right people!  The pediatric oral surgeon took some more extensive x-rays, and a surgery date was made.  The funny part about that was that it was scheduled for 10 days AFTER my due date with baby #10!  (sure enough, I made it to the surgery just fine, and Zeke was born a week later.)  It turned out that Nathanael had two extra teeth in his gums that prevented his permanent teeth from coming down.  One of these teeth actually grew folded over!  The oral surgeon said it could take up to a year and a half for his permanent teeth to move down, but they may be deformed or they may never grow in.  It has now been 2 1/2 years since his surgery and still no teeth.  The unfortunate thing is that when someone has something unusual about their physical features, people whether young or (even more unfortunate) adults will make fun of that person.  I am sad to say this happened to him rather frequently!

So, now for the present day.....Our neighbor just happens to be a denturist.  He volunteered to make a tooth for Nathanael!  He DONATED it!!  Now Nathanael, who I must say has ALWAYS had an awesome smile and everyone notices, has an even happier smile!  Thank you Rob Wiederich!!!!!  You are a true blessing!!!  And thank you, Lord for putting the right people in the right place and the right time!
The new tooth!

Happy Spring!

     Time for a new background, I know it's a bit late but better late than never, right?  Spring is here and we are excited about the new life sprouting all around us.  The school year is progressing and life is as busy as ever.

      I am currently preparing for ladies' retreat which is May 24-26.  The theme for this year's retreat is His Strength Is Perfect.  I will be speaking on how God's strength is made perfect in our weakness.

     My husband has been teaching on Biblical courtship on Sunday evenings.  These have been excellent messages differentiating between actual Biblical foundations and personal preferences.  This has been so good as we have so many young adults who are getting close to marriageable age.  There are many things we must consider before making a commitment to someone for life.  You can listen to any messages on Soundpulpit.com or go to the link on my sidebar.

     I am thinking on all the things I would like to do in my yard.  When the sun shines, I strongly desire to be out in it!  Our yard is so big but I still like to plant some flowers and make things look nice.  I know my little ones especially love to be out doors!

     Well, until next time, may the Lord bless you all!