Okay, Okay, It's About Time!

So on Sunday I had a lovely lady tell me she loves reading my blog. I smiled and said that was sweet of her and that it had been forever since I had posted, to which she replied, "Yes! This was a nudge!" Okay, okay, it is about time.....life has been, well, you know, CRAZY these past weeks. I know there are always excuses, some legitimate and others not. It never gets easy adjusting our home life to a new baby, especially while Daddy is on the other side of the World! :) I do have many things to post on but I don't want to do such a haphazard conglomeration of things. I'll need to take the time to get pictures ready and tell you all about what has been going on. Hmmm...where to start? How about the last days before Craig and Sam got back from Uganda. Sounds good to me! Here goes....
At the ER
 The Sunday before Craig got home, Julia suddenly had severe pain in her right side. After examining her, I was advised to take her to the ER as it seemed like appendicitis. She was definitely in extreme pain and we had just gone through this with Anna. They did an ultra sound and did not see anything so they sent us home. The next morning, Julia's pain was back so I called our doctor to see what he would advise. Of course, they had us come in. The Dr. was wondering why the ER didn't do a CAT scan as they hadn't even seen the appendix and therefore could not tell us what was wrong with her. So he ordered the scan and we headed over. Praise the Lord, her appendix turned out to be fine! Apparently, we all have a pocket of lymph nodes on our right side and hers were inflamed and agitated due to a cold virus! They said that the pain would go away when her cold went away. So there was much relief that no surgery was needed! Craig felt awful he wasn't here for this but we made it just fine. There always has to be some "emergency" when the head of the house is away and I am thankful this ended up not being such an emergency after all! We decided this was probably the most expensive cold ever!:) But well worth it if just to have ease of mind that it wasn't life threatening! We have all been having colds, including several bouts of strep throat and an ear infection. At this point, we are all on the healthy side....Yay! With Tirzah being the last to be sick, her cough is almost completely gone, though she stopped gaining weight like she should while being ill and we have to bring her in next week for a weight check. Her two month well baby appointment showed her as being 10 lbs 9 oz, and 24" long! (she is in the 95% for length and also for her head size!)  She had been in the 75% for her weight and dropped to the 24%. She is still an amazing baby, so happy and sweet!
Waiting for results after the scan

Sweet baby girl!