Last but not Least.......

Finally, family camp had great devotions, singing, and preaching! We were blessed to have our guest preacher, his wife, and two of their children for the week! Bro. Keven Brownfield did a great job bringing us the Word of God in a very deep way. It was good to get the "meat" of the Word! The devotions my husband brought to us each morning were also a tremendous blessing! Each aspect of camp was very enriching. All in all, the spirit of the people was wonderful and, I believe we were each challenged to deepen our relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Until next year......

Family Camp Activities!

Our family camp has so many fun things to do! You can hike, climb the rock wall, do the ropes course, go on the zipline, go horse back riding (not pictured), play games, take the little ones to the park area, or just rest. Whatever you decide, it's all a great time of memories being made as a family!! We all look forward to family camp each year!

Family Camp Scenery......So Beautiful!!!

The last picture is of our family in front of the cabin we got to sleep in. As you can see, Tall Timbers Ranch is a very beautiful location!!! We have been so blessed to get to use this place for our annual family camp for three years now!!

Family Camp Fabulous Food!

For three years now, we have gone to Tall Timbers Camp near Leavenworth, WA, for our annual family camp. Every year we have a fantastic time full of fun, beautiful scenery, and absolutely fabulous food!! I know, fabulous food isn't the "norm" for a description of camp food, but in this case, it fits!! For my first post on family camp, I have decided to put up pictures of some of the food we experience at this camp. Everything is made from scratch right there. It is all very delicious, and I am sure, full of calories!!! It's a good thing we do a lot of walking and other physical activities while we are there or we'd all come back weighing 20 pounds heavier!!!