Three Weeks Today?!!!!

It is so hard to believe that our little Selah Joy is 3 weeks old today!!!  She has already changed soooo much!  She truly is a joy, a very pleasant baby who smiles a lot.  Everyone adores her, she has no shortage of loving arms, kisses, and adoring words being whispered in her ear.  But what can you expect with two  parents who love you to pieces and ten wonderful brothers and sisters?
First bath
Headed Home
Today...she has filled out in 3 weeks, no?

A Special Gift.......

Isn't this cradle gorgeous?!
Well, the ladies of our church heard that I was borrowing a bassinet for Selah.  This was due to the fact that we pulled out the bassinet pieces from our playpen only to find some wonderful rodents had chewed their way through the netting!! Ugh!  Anyway, they went together and collected the money for a new bassinet of my own!!!!!  The one I had had my heart set on had been discontinued and so I searched, a little heartbroken, but then found a most amazing cradle.  I like it BETTER than the bassinet!!!  The wood color matches my room furniture way better and the weight limit is about 5 pounds more (better when you start out with heavier babies!) ;-)  It also just looks like something that my grand babies will get to use one day as well!  It is absolutely beautiful!  What a bunch of sweet and very generous ladies!!!  THANK YOU LADIES OF WESTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH!!!!!!!!  You all are a blessing!
Selah loving her new bed! <3


Daddy (Craig)

Mommy (Emily)
Here is a quick recap of ALL of the Houston babies plus me!  Enjoy!  Pictures are in no particular order as Blogger just doesn't want to make this easy by cooperating!!! There has got to be an easier way!!  A way to get it to do what you want!!  HEEEELLLLPPPP!

Ezekiel (couldn't find the original used)


The Answers, The Winners!!!!

So, the bottom picture is Daniel Craig Houston and the top is Julia Katherine Houston.  Good job everybody! And now for the winners........yes winnerS because there is a 3 way tie!!!  Drum roll please........  and the winners are:  my niece, Rachel L.,  Grace P.,   and Cindee C.!!!!  They each got 7 out of 12 correct.  Good job ladies!  Good job to everyone.  Hope you all enjoyed our little Name That Houston Game!  I must confess, the only reason for playing the game was to have a fun way to introduce the new baby to you!  I must say, it ended up being more fun than I expected!

Let's Wrap This Baby Up!!! (pun intended)

Ok, so before I give the answer to the last post, I will put up one last baby to guess.  Then, Monday, I will post the answers and the winner!  Now, to be fair, I will not accept any more answers for the last picture, only this one:

Another Houston To Guess

We are almost done!  Guess and soon I'll let you know who the winner is!!!!

The Answer

This baby is Samuel Craig Houston.  I told you it is getting easier! This sweet baby is turning into a very handsome young man!!!!

Name That Houston.....again ;-)

Yes, another Houston baby to name.... we are almost done, just a few more.  This should be getting easier, folks!  Not a great quality picture, but hey the baby's cute!!!  And the baby is..........?????????

One Week and One Day

Wow!  Selah Joy is already one week and one day old!!!  It is always amazing how fast time goes AFTER the baby arrives!  =)  We had her one week check up today and she has already surpassed her birth weight!  At the hospital, she went from 9 lbs 1 oz down to 8 lbs 5 oz.  She now weighs in at 9 lbs 5 oz!!  It normally takes a newborn two weeks to get back up to birth weight......She is quite healthy.  We are very blessed!  She had her second PKU also and didn't even flinch when they poked her heal!  She did get a little agitated though as they squeezed her heal over and over, but never screamed just fussed a bit.  We then took our little princess out to lunch at one of our favorite spots....Fondi's in Gig Harbor.  Time with the most handsome and sweetest man on Earth and my favorite baby girl, a great day!

There's No Fooling You!! So here's the newest Houston....

Yes, the baby in the picture is the newest member of the Houston family!  Now, I didn't lie to you all....I really did have to get the pictures uploaded on to the computer.  I actually e-mailed this pic from my phone.  I did put the hat on her head to try to throw you all off (hiding all of her hair).  But I see that did not work! ;-)   So, to introduce our precious new bundle.........................

Selah Joy Houston

Selah is a musical term used in the Bible meaning to "pause, reflect, or rest"  We chose this name to remind us that in any circumstance we are to "Pause and reflect or to rest in the JOY of the Lord which is our strength"

born:  August 31 at 3:55pm
9 lbs 1 oz        20 1/2"

Selah Joy is a true gift from our Heavenly Father and we are so blessed to welcome our little princess into our home and hearts.  She joins five other princesses and five knights in shining armor.  I must say that the entire birth experience from beginning to end was filled with answered prayers!  From not being induced and having no interventions to being blessed with wonderful nurses and hospital staff.  Our oldest daughter, Naomi, stayed home with the children (per her request) and we had the awesome privilege to have our second oldest, Anna-Renee`, at the birth.  This was the first time to have anyone besides my husband and staff in with me.  It was a very special time for all of us!  As you will see in the picture,  Zeke was not too excited about this new addition, but he has since come to absolutely ADORE his new sister!!!

Name That Houston

Here is the next Houston baby to guess.  I thought I'd continue with this as I need to download pictures of the new baby.  Just got home from the hospital and am looking forward to posting pictures to introduce our little one to you all.