What's Been Keeping Me?

The finished beam
The beam from the other side
Samuel nailing the trim around the beam
Sanding the floor
Zeke vacuuming the dust
Well, posting has been put off for a bit as we have been (and still are) under construction. Who knew that a very generous gift of a new dining room table would end up as a complete remodel of our house?! A wall needed to be knocked out, flooring needs to be patched, sanded, primed, and then painted, walls also need to be painted, as well as the trim work and ceiling! We are still in the early stages, though the wall is down and the new beam is in place. I am looking forward to the finished product, and I'm afraid I'm a bit impatient! I love the planning and the then I'd LOVE to just push fast forward and have it all done.

A Day of Fun....

For our anniversary, Craig found a great, FUN place to eat! The Hi Lo's 15th Street Cafe is not only fun, but has delicious food!! We spent the day just hangin' out and had a fabulous time! The graffiti was done with encouragement from the staff~ they have a box of markers for customers to leave their "mark" at the only table that requires a reservation. I always enjoy time with my hubby!!!!!
Groovin' at our table! :-)
Amazing Moon biscuits & gravy!
Graffiti.....with permission!
A happy couple

Double Trouble!

Today, we went to the DMV where two very excited young ladies took the knowledge test for driving permits. They both passed on their FIRST try!!!!! Look out world, here they come! Maybe the warning should pertain to all pedestrians as well as drivers?? Ok, I'm just kidding I do believe they will do a fine job at driving. I was so excited for them. We went to Blu Berry for a bit of celebration at the suggestion of the world's greatest daddy!
A bit excited
A time to celebrate

A Long Awaited Visit

Craig and Kevin ordered the same thing....filet mignon!
Jess's meal, pea ravioli
My meal, duck!
After our visit with the Postma family and their church, we headed to Hurricane, UT where my brother, Kevin, and his family live. We have never had the opportunity to visit them at their home before. We were so excited for the opportunity! Preaching engagements have been a blessing in years past as it affords us the ability to see and do things we would never have been able to otherwise! It was great getting reacquainted with my brother face to face rather than just through texting, and to get to know my sister-in-law, Jess, as well as hugging on my niece, Kira and my newest nephew, Abel! We enjoyed our time together very much! I loved seeing the cousins getting to know each other and having fun doing it!  We enjoyed frozen yogurt, the park, the splash pad, going to a nice dinner as couples, and a fun little hike in Zion National Park (those pics are still on the camera and need to be downloaded, then I'll share!) Here are some pictures that were on my phone, so I can share them now....
My baby brother with his wife, Jess, Craig and I
Samuel with Abel and Selah! So cute!
Some cousin chillin' time!
More twirls!
A twirling Kira!
A proud Nathanael as he got his cousin to sleep!

A Fun Date on Father's Day

While with the Postmas, we were blessed with a fun double date! We had sweet fellowship, saw many fascinating sights, and ate scrumptious food!
Amazing fountain!
Amazing cakes!
A chocolate Lady! (Full size!)
The top of the chocolate fountain
Chocolate fountain!
Flowers galore!
The ceiling of the Bellagio, blown glass made by an artist from Seattle!
Our great friends, the Postmas
Complementary dessert (our waiter was a nice guy!)
A great time at dinner!
This was a wonderful time with friends! And a great opportunity as Craig preached for their camp as well as at their church on Father's Day!

Girl Time

Las Vegas is a neat place to visit! It is hot and sunny with plenty to keep us busy! We had a blast with Mrs. Tammy Postma and her girls! We are so thankful for such good friends! We enjoyed the opportunity to visit a place we had never been before! We did all kinds of things and enjoyed all kinds of sights. The strip, though glamorous, is a place filled with emptiness. You see the facade all around. The vanity is all there to fill a void, you can see it in the peoples' eyes. A sad state of being, they truly need the gospel! We praise the Lord for faithful servants who are willing to break through the facade and give true hope that will fill the empty void.

Having lunch with our friend, "Mosa"!
Here are some pictures of some of our fun adventures, enjoy!
Being silly, having a picnic
Pretty impressive, behind the trees is a huge fountain that is choreographed to music!
A trip down the "strip"
Dinner anyone?
A little shopping......
Cooling off with some water.......refreshing!
Cooling off with frozen yogurt!
Beautiful Ladies!

Our Trip Toward the Sun!!!!

Michael caught a fish and got to keep it!
We travelled down to Las Vegas, Nevada on June 12th. There, my husband and boys (yes, all the boys, even Zeke!) went to men and boys camp. Craig preached four times while there. They drove up through Zion National Park to get to their destination. I was surprised that Zeke was wanting to go as this was a three hour trip after our 24 hour non stop drive we had just finished! But he was excited about going camping with the boys! He couldn't wait to sleep in the tent, have a campfire, and go fishing and wading! The weather was absolutely perfect! Here are a few pictures of the boys' adventure...............
A few unexpected visitors!
A place to study and prepare for preaching
A beautiful location
Beautiful scenery!
On the road!
Zeke is fishing!
Daniel caught a fish, but it was too big and had to be put back
While the boys were at camp, the girls had some fun too! Check out the pictures from our girl fun tomorrow! Until tomorrow then, blessings to you all!