one more day, one more project!

Okay. So for now, I think I am finished. Until the next project anyway. We are leaving on Monday to visit family so projects are over, for now. Here are some pictures of the latest project. You know, I think paint companies change their colors around frequently so you HAVE to change your colors in your home every once in a while! I was going to keep the same plain color in the bathroom, but alas, they did not carry that color anymore! So, here it is!

A day off.

Have I ever told you that I have an amazing daughter? Well, I indeed have FIVE amazing daughters in all! But, it is with my oldest, Naomi, that I was priviledged to spend the day. Thanks to a great friend, who was willing to come over and hang out with my other children!!! We went antique shopping, had a great lunch at Olive Garden, then went to the mall, ending with Baskin Robbins ice cream cones! Our last stop was Home Depot to pick up some more paint.....yes, I am painting the bathroom now!  Well, we had a fantastic day chatting and giggling and just having fun! I am so thankful that a 15 year old would enjoy hangin' out with her mom! Thank you, Naomi for the great day!! I love you and am so proud of you! I had so much fun!

**She is a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart! I am honored to be given the awesome opportunity to raise this precious girl!! I love her soooo much!!  She blesses all who are around her! I know the Lord will continue using her throughout her lifetime, for which I am thankful!

Drum roll, Please..............

Okay, here is the FINISHED product!!! Yay! It does feel good to have this project done and out of the way! Everything is hung and in place. The little girls' response? Squeals of delight and even this comment:  "It's so fancy like!"  and, "It's so bootiful!"  I am pleased that they like it so very much. Abby keeps thanking me for painting her walls!

So, now for a breather, right? Well, my sweet, darling husband has authorized my going and getting paint for the bathroom.....remember the room that I thought I was getting out of because there wasn't any paint left? And, he requested some more of the trim to be done, including a couple of doors. Sigh. Anything for my Hubby!! : )  I believe his words were:  "be my guest!" Lol! I thought I should save some of the fun for him!! ;-)  I don't think he will be in the party mode when he gets back, though!

The first picture is of my littlest "helper" in the living room turned storage room.  The last picture is of the three little girls in bed for their first night in the finished room!  The empty wall around their bed is in anticipation of a bunk bed for the girls. I am hoping to find a white wooden bed with a full on the bottom and a twin on top, with drawers underneath! Hey, pray specifically, right? Well, time to get back!  :-D

Hmmm.....what to do?

So. My husband is away for three weeks. What will I do while he is away?! I know!  I will pull everything out of the little girls' room, have them sleep upstairs and have Zeke sleep in my room, then I will take furniture apart, sand it, paint it.....not 1 time, but 2 times with a faux finish step in between! Then I will tape up the room and paint the walls. Next, I think I'll re-tape and then paint the trim for a fresh look. How about the picture frames....I think they need to be spray painted. The bathroom door needs painting, so does the trim in there, and the walls. What?! No bathroom paint left?! Okay, I guess that'll have to wait! 

Well....have YOU ever started a project and, looking around, thought, "What WAS I thinking?!"  That is exactly what I did! But I have perservered, with the help of Naomi and some from the others. Now, we are just waiting for paint to dry so we can put the little ones back in their room and we can have the livingroom back as well as Naomi getting her room back. Oh, this is so much fun, don't get me wrong. As a mom of ten, I NEED to come up with projects to keep me busy!! ;-)  So, here are a few photos of the work in progress. (I can't believe I am posting some of these!)


Today is my second eldest daughter's birthday! Funny how many years can go by and yet I can still remember the very moment she was placed in my arms.  The love that filled my very soul. The joy that she was finally here. I am so very blessed to have had the past 14 years with her. She is not here with me today, but rather in Uganda, Africa with her daddy.  In fact, she is stepping foot in Entebbe this very morning! While I am sad to not get to celebrate this special day with her, I am thrilled that she has been given this AWESOME opportunity! An opportunity that most 14 year olds don't get. What a great birthday gift the Lord has given to her. A chance to see a new continent, a new country, a new people. A chance to serve God by serving others. She does this here at home everyday, but this will be different. Happy birthday, sweet girl!! I love you and am blessed by you!!

**I wanted to post pictures starting from birth, however, my scanner is currently not working.  : (  I am sure Anna will be heartbroken!  Well, the pictures posted will have to do.  This last one was right after her 13th birthday, wow, she has changed!! But still the same, fun loving, beautiful girl that we all know and love!!

First Haircut!!!

Ezekiel has been in great need of a first haircut! It is amazing at the difference a haircut can make! He looks older with shorter hair!!!! So, here he is.........he did a great job even while being a little unsure and curious of the sounds and equipment!!

Packing and preparing to say goodbye......

The last day has arrived, goodbyes are imminent. Only hours left. So, what has taken place to be ready for this trip to Uganda? Well, first of all, much planning has taken place. Dates sorted out, schedules made, preachers lined out for the absence. Then, shots have to be given... :-[  Medications have been prescribed. Shopping to get needed supplies such as clothing that is appropriate, shoes, even glasses for Anna. Supplies for our beloved missionaries are also purchased and packed. Messages have been prepared, and even a lesson for Anna to teach has been worked on. 

On the homefront, plans of the hardest kind are discussed, such as what to do in an emergency, if someone is injured severly or, if someone (namely, Craig) were to die. :-(  Bills are payed, vehicles are maintenanced. We are taken care of.

On a happier note, we give many hugs and kisses. There can't be too many. We plan many projects to get done while Daddy and Anna are away. We also make plans to visit family in Astoria, OR. But mostly, we plan on their return!! With great anticipation, we look forward to Daddy and Anna getting back and telling us all about their adventures on the foreign mission field! We can't wait to see the pictures of orphans and other natives of Africa as well as the animals they may get to see! I personally can't wait to see the affect this trip has on my daughter. What a life changing event this will be for her. I enjoyed the experience when Naomi went to Papua New Guinea and I know it will be similar with Anna.
Please pray for their safety. Special thanks to those of you who donated to Anna's missions trip!! You have been a blessing in the purchasing of the many supplies needed!  Watch for their live blogs on 

Meet Zeke!

Ezekiel is seven months old!  Why does it take sooo long for a baby to come into the world, and then time flies away quickly once they are born? Hmmm.... life is a vapor, it appears for a little while and then vanishes away.  Truly. 

Zeke has made many milestones so far. He is crawling everywhere, getting into everything, and is even pulling himself up to standing! He has two teeth, but does NOT like baby food! He has just discovered crackers....he loves them! He weighs around 18 pounds and is approximately 28 inches tall! He is a sweet, smiling boy who loves his brothers and sisters, his momma and his daddy!! Everything about him is not perfect, however. He has a temper that is very quick! Thankfully this only appears when he is tired or hungry....hmmm......much like most of us!! He has truly been a blessing to our family.  It has been eight years since our last boy, and we are enjoying this opportunity to have another boy so very much!!