Grandpa Dave

We recently visited "Grandpa Dave". He had his leg amputated a few weeks ago and has been in a veterans rehab. The Lord blessed with a beautifully sunny day for our trip down to Vancouver, WA. The children were an encouragement to him as they lavished love on him. Naomi and Anna sang for him and Zeke was just......well, cute!  On our way home, we enjoyed a little family tradition of stopping at Starbucks (I know shocking!) for Happy hour, we call them "happy frappies"! It was a great day. And, praise the Lord, today he comes home! We thank everyone who has prayed for him and ask that you continue praying for him and my mother in law as this is so life changing!

Sweet Sixteen!!!!!

Anna- with make-up 
Anna, 7 months
Anna, 1 year old, Naomi in the background
About 1 1/2
Two years old
About 3, look at those baby blues!
About 9 months
4 years
Anna's kindergarten picture
chicken pox!
12 years
ooh la la!
Happy Birthday!
Just for laughs!
May 23rd marked Sixteen years since our darling, Anna-Renee Ruth Houston, was born. Since ladies' retreat was the next day, we celebrated with lunch and a year-late birthday gift...getting her ears pierced! We will be giving her her party in June. At sixteen, we present our daughters with a hope chest. Instead of a party filled with peers and silliness, we instead invite couples who have been influential in their lives to come. If they choose to bring her a gift, we have them bring something to put into her hope chest, along with the reason why they chose that item. It is our desire to instill in our children the importance of "putting away childish things" as they get closer to adulthood. This isn't to say we don't allow them to be silly and have fun, it is just that we want them to know that there is a time and a place for that and a time and place to be sober minded. Don't worry, we still have plenty of fun!!!! Sixteen is also the age we allow our daughters to start wearing make-up. This is always hard on Daddy! He makes sure they know, in no uncertain terms, that they really DON'T need it, but that it is allowed. Our rule on this is that, if they are or become rebellious in spirit, they do not get make-up until they turn 18. I am so thankful that both of my girls have had a sweet and submissive spirit as they seek to honor their daddy in this and all other areas!

Ten Years and Counting..........

The Children's Choir
Pastor Boyce
April 29th marked ten years since Craig was voted in as Pastor of Westside Baptist Church.  The day was made very special by our dear church family as well as men of God who have been encouragers to us throughout the years.  In the morning, the children's choir surprised us by singing two of Craig's favorite kids choir songs.  The biggest surprise was that they had gathered all of the former members to join them! So we got to hear from all of the children that had been a part of the children's' choir since we first started it so many years ago.  It brought tears to our eyes as we saw such a large group of various age groups representing a decade of our life.  How fast time goes!  They then presented us with a framed picture of them and a bag full of gifts and letters from the children.  The adult choir also sang "We Preach Christ," so appropriate a theme for the day...and for the past ten years!  Craig then brought forth the message out of Mark on the first great commandment which is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind, and strength. (paraphrased)
Pastor David Eddy

"Bro. Bill"
Pastor Paul Gentry
Bro. Smith
The McClures
The evening service began at 4:00 with a beautiful meal.  The sanctuary was transformed into a lovely banquet room.  They served caesar salad, potatoes, ham or roast beef, and home made bread.  The dessert tables were filled with scrumptious delights.  Pastor Fisher from Lighthouse Baptist Church in San Diego, CA sent a sweet message to Craig, congratulating him for ten years, two of his staff who know us also spoke kind words.  Pastor Joel Boyce came to celebrate, as well as Pastor David Eddy with his family and Pastor Bill Wambsganss.  George and Carolyn McClure drove out from Spokane to be with us and sang a beautiful song.  Pastor Gentry preached, continuing in the theme of the day on that "it's all about God." Many nice things were said as our entire family was honored.  This is a very humbling time as we know that all praise goes to our heavenly Father!

A glimpse of the festivities...after it was over.
The church gave our daughters prayer journals and the boys were given new Bibles.  Zeke was so proud of his new Bible, we found him asleep in his carseat with it tucked under his arm, and he runs to go get it for family devotions...saying, "Bible, Bible!"  The gift given to our family was so thoughtful and much appreciated!  As our family loves to serve in hospitality, the church gave us funds for a new dining room table!!!!  We are so thankful to be a part of a group of loving people.  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve these same people!  We look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for the next ten years!!!