"Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh!"

This weekend, we went to a beautiful wedding.  The groom's men all came forward to Scottish bagpiped music, and the bestman took a mic to announce boldly, "Behold! The bridegroom cometh!" Just then, the groom, adorned in a white tux, came galloping up on a white horse. He dismounted and walked up the aisle, where he then, took the mic and spoke of the picture of a bridegroom and his bride  being compared to Christ, who is the bridegroom, and the church, who is the bride. The men then surrounded the groom and prayed blessings over him. The procession continued with 13 bride's maids, two ring bearers, ten bell ringers, and four flower girls. Then, the crowd stood as one as the bride came forth in white.......tears filled my eyes as I pictured the hosts of Heaven, one day standing at attention, as we, the church, will one day enter into Heaven's gate...arrayed in white through the precious blood of our bridegroom, Jesus Christ. What a holy and Christ honoring wedding this was.

Boyscout Summer Camp.

Samuel and Daniel went to summer camp for the Boyscouts of America on July 4. They were there until the following Saturday. My husband went On the 5th and came home on Friday. It was a great week for camp with sunshine and warm weather everyday! On Friday evening, they had their last campfire and families were invited to join in the fun. Craig came and picked us up to take us there. We enjoyed getting to see a little bit of what our boys were doing all week. After the main campfire was over, we hiked on up to their campsite and enjoyed music and homemade stew as well as smores and cobbler! It was all very good. They invited a couple of other troops to this "friendship" campfire. Soon, it was time for us to get going and the boys to clean up and get to bed, they had a very early morning ahead of them to pack up and get going toward home! I love that my boys are being invested in. They are learning all kinds of things that will help build their character and give them experiences that will aid them in their future! I am thankful for our troop that is still Christ centered, so the boys truly get character building through the Word of God. And those who are leading this troop are godly men from our church who have a desire to see these boys turn into great men of God. What a great time we all had!!!

More fun photos!!!!

Anna is always behind the camera!! We better get it from her soon!!!

Photo shoot

Sweet Zekers!
Mikey, Abby girl, Lyddy, Alfalfa?!, Nat, and JuJuBe!   I love my children!! Anna had fun taking these pictures! These are just a few I thought I'd share.

16 Years and Counting...

I am so blessed to be married to the love of my life, my best friend, Craig Houston. I am thankful that our marriage is strong. It is strong because Christ is the center of it. We have weathered through good times and some not so good times. Each experience has brought us closer and has made us stronger. In this 16 years of marriage, we have been blessed with the birth of 10 beautiful children whom we seek to raise to the glory of God. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us for the next 16, 20, 30+ years! May our marriage be a testimony to others that says, with Christ we can and will be faithful to our vows!