Well, Here goes!

I am attempting my own blog! For those of you who are computer literate, this seems so easy. Well, I am NOT computer literate....yet! I do hope to get this all figured out, soon. Please bear with me as I try!! This may prove to be an interesting form of entertainment for all who visit!!


  1. Praying you have a gareat day with all the kiddos. I'm still available for a Costco shopping trip...and lunch is on me, ha. ha.
    Love you all, give them big hugs and kisses from the Aunt Bea.

    PS: Your, my dear Emily, ARE the Proverbs 31:29 woman.AND, when you turn 13, do you get to go on a mission trip?

  2. This is my first visit to your blog site. The Lord has provided the opportunity for me to upgrade my phone for my upcoming trip to Russia. Brian says I can start a blog so that all of you here at home will be able to keep up with my activities. I am excited about that. I may be asking for your help since you are so very computer literate. :)

  3. Look what I found. Another way to keep up with you, and see pictures of some of my favorite people! Love you all so much!


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