A Vision..An Opportunity

Wow! In a week and a half, my husband and second oldest daughter will be headed to Uganda, Africa! Seven years ago, my husband went to Papua New Guinea for his first missions trip. Since then, he has been back to PNG, and has been to India twice, as well as the Philippines. After his first trip, we decided what a blessing it would be to take each of our children to a third world country after their 13th birthday. What a great opportunity to open our children's eyes to what the majority of our world lives like, and to take time to minister to their needs both physical and spiritual. This is also a wonderful time for dad and child to have bonding time at an age when they are so vulnerable and so close to adulthood. It thrills my soul to see how the Lord has allowed this for my oldest daughter and now for my second. Each of my children are looking forward to their time with dad on the mission field.
Of course there is a risk involved, but I feel that God gave this vision to my husband and I stand behind this decision whole heartedly! What an honor it would be if the Lord would choose to use my children as missionaries one day! Please pray for their safety as well as opportunities for them to minister. Pray that souls will be saved.

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