Today is my second eldest daughter's birthday! Funny how many years can go by and yet I can still remember the very moment she was placed in my arms.  The love that filled my very soul. The joy that she was finally here. I am so very blessed to have had the past 14 years with her. She is not here with me today, but rather in Uganda, Africa with her daddy.  In fact, she is stepping foot in Entebbe this very morning! While I am sad to not get to celebrate this special day with her, I am thrilled that she has been given this AWESOME opportunity! An opportunity that most 14 year olds don't get. What a great birthday gift the Lord has given to her. A chance to see a new continent, a new country, a new people. A chance to serve God by serving others. She does this here at home everyday, but this will be different. Happy birthday, sweet girl!! I love you and am blessed by you!!

**I wanted to post pictures starting from birth, however, my scanner is currently not working.  : (  I am sure Anna will be heartbroken!  Well, the pictures posted will have to do.  This last one was right after her 13th birthday, wow, she has changed!! But still the same, fun loving, beautiful girl that we all know and love!!


  1. I know why the scanner didn't work!!! Because it's a Canon!!Lol. So thats why my lil sis doesn't like em. Because they never work;)

    ~Naomi (aka your Big sis.)

  2. Naomi is so comical! LOL

    Wow...she has changed so much...='( it is sad to me!! Growing so fast!! sniffle sniffle..What a great birthday she is having this year!

  3. you know..after looking at the pics again..I am pretty sure it is the glasses that make her look more mature and older! =]

  4. HaPpY BiRtHdAy ANNA-RENEE!! I love you sweet girl!! I am praying for you!!

  5. She hasn't changed too much since I have known her, though the glasses do mature her.

    Happy birthday Anna!
    I hope you were blessed by the card we all gave you! (Okay, so it was Kaitlyn's idea...I still signed it! lol)

  6. Oh how I wish my scanner were working!! You all would get a kick out of the pictures I WAS going to post!!! ;D

  7. We have a scanner! ;) haha.
    You can also take em to Costco or Target.
    They'll scan em and put em on a disc for you I think.

  8. Emily has a blog? Emily HAS A BLOG??? Why don't I know about this?!?! LOL! How exciting!!! I can't wait to follow your posts and read your writings!! Yay!! Oh, and yes... happy birthday, Anna. You are beautiful inside and out. Hope your are enjoying your wonderful trip. Love, Jenny

  9. I know!!! I was as shocked as you are only I am her daughter!! but I have enjoyed the different comments people leave.:)



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