Drum roll, Please..............

Okay, here is the FINISHED product!!! Yay! It does feel good to have this project done and out of the way! Everything is hung and in place. The little girls' response? Squeals of delight and even this comment:  "It's so fancy like!"  and, "It's so bootiful!"  I am pleased that they like it so very much. Abby keeps thanking me for painting her walls!

So, now for a breather, right? Well, my sweet, darling husband has authorized my going and getting paint for the bathroom.....remember the room that I thought I was getting out of because there wasn't any paint left? And, he requested some more of the trim to be done, including a couple of doors. Sigh. Anything for my Hubby!! : )  I believe his words were:  "be my guest!" Lol! I thought I should save some of the fun for him!! ;-)  I don't think he will be in the party mode when he gets back, though!

The first picture is of my littlest "helper" in the living room turned storage room.  The last picture is of the three little girls in bed for their first night in the finished room!  The empty wall around their bed is in anticipation of a bunk bed for the girls. I am hoping to find a white wooden bed with a full on the bottom and a twin on top, with drawers underneath! Hey, pray specifically, right? Well, time to get back to....work?.....fun?........ACCOMPLISHMENT!  :-D


  1. WOW!!!! It looks like it belongs on the cover of a Home and Gardens magazine. of course i did do the majority of the painting of the walls, mirrors, small shelf and bird hooks.(on the door)oh and the handles on the dressers. :D aren't I
    amazing!! Lol

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! It looks amazing!! I can't beleive you got that done while he's away... it's so beautiful! (You are taking some time out to sleep, too, right? lol) I am inspired! I can't wait until I have more big kid hands to help me with projects like this!

  3. Looks great!
    Did you paint the trim on that picture frame?
    Because it's a pretty good match! lol.
    I love the picture of the silly faces in the bed!
    I miss my little gum thieves! hahaha.
    Specific prayer is the best kind! And also requires a little more faith in my opinion lol.
    Wow Naomi, no conceit in you! lol!
    Well at least you are helping out, even if you are all too happy to talk about it. ;) lol j/k!

  4. Emily,
    The Costco Furniture store has so many cute children's beds...some even with stairs and slides, but several with a full bed on the bottum and a twin on top.
    The room looks GREAT!! You did an awesome job!! Love and miss you all and praying for you all!!

    ~Sheri <3

  5. Picture frames were painted to match. As were the mirror frames and the small shelf. We had to laugh about the blankets on the bed!! Of course, we will get matching ones when we get a bed!! I only want an already white bed so I don't have to paint it!! Notice I didn't paint the crib!!! :)

  6. I know I am just so completely humble.;)


  7. Okay lol.
    I figured you either painted it, or used it to create your paint color. :)
    Ikea also has a lot of specialty bunk bed type pieces, and probably would have what you are looking for. It also never hurts to check craigslist!
    Say hi to your ego for me Naomi! ;) LOL! j/k!!!

  8. Seeing as I can't work my job right now...I get bored...lol.

    Here's a few I found on craigslist similar to what you said you wanted.

    http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/fuo/1760988768.html - Ikea white metal bunk bed. fullon botto,. twin on top, no droors. $75.

    http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/fud/1754348250.html - Stained wood, twin over full w/ droors. $395

  9. I agree, Naomi...it does look like the cover of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine...or maybe Pottery Barn Kids! You all did a great job. What a beautiful finished product!

  10. Oh my, how little Abigail has grown!! And I have to say...YAY!!! I have been awaiting a family blog from you all and am SUPER excited to see it!! I am behind, as I see you have quite a few posts already...but will be following in the future. :) The room looks fabulous, by the way!!

  11. This is a neat idea.

  12. Another idea - don't know the prices.

  13. I saw that first one.
    Didn't see the second, but it looks very nice!

  14. Oh my, Missy Emily..did you ever bring back memories of what I used ato do whenever Ted went for 10 days deer/elk hunting, mountaining climbing/backpacking trip, or on a Mountain Rescue. One time when he was in the hospital for back surgery, I painted our bedroom. He was to be released on a Friday, and I asked the docator if he could keep him until Monday as I had the entire house torn apart! He said Okay. (This was adefinitely before insurances threw you out on the streets after two days.) The extended stay lasted another 10 days as he suffered two heart attacks: one that Saturday morning, and another that Sunday afternoon while in CCU! I KNOW FOR SURE GOD LOOKS AFTER YOU EVEN BEFORE YOU ARE SAVED! I am inspired to get my self in gear and actually DO the painting projects I have planned on paper! What a unique concept!!! Good job Emily and the munchkin helpers....
    Love ya all, Aunt Bea


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