A day off.

Have I ever told you that I have an amazing daughter? Well, I indeed have FIVE amazing daughters in all! But, it is with my oldest, Naomi, that I was priviledged to spend the day. Thanks to a great friend, who was willing to come over and hang out with my other children!!! We went antique shopping, had a great lunch at Olive Garden, then went to the mall, ending with Baskin Robbins ice cream cones! Our last stop was Home Depot to pick up some more paint.....yes, I am painting the bathroom now!  Well, we had a fantastic day chatting and giggling and just having fun! I am so thankful that a 15 year old would enjoy hangin' out with her mom! Thank you, Naomi for the great day!! I love you and am so proud of you! I had so much fun!

**She is a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart! I am honored to be given the awesome opportunity to raise this precious girl!! I love her soooo much!!  She blesses all who are around her! I know the Lord will continue using her throughout her lifetime, for which I am thankful!


  1. Well i certainly could not be an amazing daughter if i didn't have an amazing mom to follow in examples!!!! :) thanks mom for the great time I had!! ;D we will have to do it again someday...soon. How does tomorrow sound;D

    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How wonderful that you both got to enjoy a special day together! I'm sure you made many wonderful memories. You are both beautiful women, inside and out. Love you both!

  3. Wow Naomi, you gave your mom some credit!
    Looks like you are making progress! :p
    Lol! Just kidding! I'll be nice now...maybe. ;)

    Sounds like you guys had a great day!
    Things are so crazy here we almost never have time for days like that...and I'm talking half as many kids with one moved out lol!
    Glad you guys had a fun day together!
    I'll pray your bathroom project goes faster than our's has! lol.

  4. A very Beautiful post Emily...Naomi is a true blessing!! I agree with Becky....you both a very BEAUTIFUL...inside and out!! I am so glad that you have had a wonderful day. I love you both dearly!


  5. God is so good to bless us with our children isn't he? I am constantly in awe of what he has given!

  6. Yes!Naomi is beautiful and also sweet,kind,godly,and loveable!I have always admired her for her faith in Christ:D!Glad that you and Naomi got to spend some time together.That is very important in having a relationship between daughter and mother.

  7. Oh, what a great blog. Yes, "Nomie" is an awesome young lady!!I have spent a few preacious days with this one, and she taught this grayed senior many things..the most importan:how to fry eggs. Still wish Ted could taste them, and wish he could have met these amazing Houston girls. He was partial to girls, as we had three.I can imagine Pastor grinning amd tearing-up when he reads your blogs. I have the same sweet relationship with my daughters, and,sometimes Ted would admonish us saying "That's all you girls do is giggle." which would send us into even more giggles, and "snorts" (that come with uncontrollable giggling.) Love spending days with ALL my girls: those to whom I am related by blood, and those to whom I am related to by the blood of Jesus Christ. The past couple of weeks I, also, have been so blessed to spend a couple separate days with two of my four precious grandsons, Levi and Kyle. Thanks for sharing, Emily, your projects and your time spent with the kiddos. Love you all so much.


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