Meet Zeke!

Ezekiel is seven months old!  Why does it take sooo long for a baby to come into the world, and then time flies away quickly once they are born? Hmmm.... life is a vapor, it appears for a little while and then vanishes away.  Truly. 

Zeke has made many milestones so far. He is crawling everywhere, getting into everything, and is even pulling himself up to standing! He has two teeth, but does NOT like baby food! He has just discovered crackers....he loves them! He weighs around 18 pounds and is approximately 28 inches tall! He is a sweet, smiling boy who loves his brothers and sisters, his momma and his daddy!! Everything about him is not perfect, however. He has a temper that is very quick! Thankfully this only appears when he is tired or hungry....hmmm......much like most of us!! He has truly been a blessing to our family.  It has been eight years since our last boy, and we are enjoying this opportunity to have another boy so very much!!


  1. You figured how to get the comments up! So proud of you =]

    YaY for Zeke! Love all the pictures!! I can not believe our little boys are all ready 7 months!! It seems like just yesterday we were sharing news about eachother expecting!!

    Obadiah has a sharp little tooth coming in =]

  2. He is such a blessing!! We love you all!!

    ~Sheri B

  3. Cute kid!
    He recently started letting me hold him lol.
    I like the picture of him on his dad's shoulders.


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