Once Upon a Time........................

Still in love!
Our wedding day
Cutting our cake
The wedding party
Joyful times
Our crew today
Date night!
Time together
Where it all began!!!!!
Once upon a time, 20 years ago to be exact, a young man started talking to a young lady. It started with simple questions and then, on Mother's day (a bit prophetic maybe?) the young "couple" went to dinner. Things progressed in a traditional world view sort of way, the typical story of boy meets girl. Two years later, they were wed.........and then our world changed and it's never been the same since! The odds were stacked against us and many said we would never make it.  Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage. An institution ordained and blessed by God. I am so thankful for this path we've been down and are continuing on. The bumps in the road have been opportunity for growth and the smooth times have been pure pleasure. We have been blessed to add 11 children to this world of ours, making for some very exciting and busy times! It has and still is important to us to make special time to be together, alone, as we know that our life will not always include children in our home for they are growing up all too quickly and we want a strong relationship to the end. I am blessed to be married to my best friend. I am thankful for his work ethic that has allowed me to stay home and raise our children for God's glory, and for his love of God and people that has been so evident as we have served together in the ministry for over 14 of these 18 years. I look forward to continuing on this journey for as long as the Lord will allow, till death do we part!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my Beloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary (again) enjoy your day together :-) ;-)

    Love ya!!!

  2. Waahhh! I was so thin!! We were all so young!! Paul looks so goofy, lol! Adrian does, too. Why do men look better once they "fill out"? Oh my goodness. Whew. Having a twenty year old son has knocked me for a bit of a loop- I was twenty-one in that picture!!!! And pregnant with Rachel. Goes by too fast. Happy Anniversary little sister. Hope your day is a good one!! Love you so much!

    1. Oh.My.Goodness!! We all look like children! Oh wait...I was one - haha! My mom recently found Brie and my dresses from the wedding and brought them out for my girls to play dress-up with - ACK!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you!! Your marriage is such a wonderful testimony of your Faithfulness to each other and the Lord!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! We love you both and pray you have many more exciting years together. Thank you for your wonderful example to us as well as to others. Hugs, Grace

  5. Happy anniversary Craig and Emily! I'm so happy for all the years you've shared together and that you have a good marriage. Praise the Lord!

    sister Shelley


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