A Day of Fun....

For our anniversary, Craig found a great, FUN place to eat! The Hi Lo's 15th Street Cafe is not only fun, but has delicious food!! We spent the day just hangin' out and had a fabulous time! The graffiti was done with encouragement from the staff~ they have a box of markers for customers to leave their "mark" at the only table that requires a reservation. I always enjoy time with my hubby!!!!!
Groovin' at our table! :-)
Amazing Moon biscuits & gravy!
Graffiti.....with permission!
A happy couple


  1. Sooooo cute! I am soo glad that you had such a wonderful breakfast on your anniversary during such a busy season.

    ~Guess Who

  2. yummy food!!!!

    looks like you guys had so much fun! we will have to check it out sometime! love how you guys are always finding new fun places!!!

  3. Happy anniversary! I love Hi-Lo's 15th street cafe! They always have the best food and service!!! Very great photos!
    Celeste Warring

  4. Seriously...that is SUCH a cool place!!
    Looks like you two lovebirds had a fun time!


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