And....We're back!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur, I haven't been on my computer at all until today.  I am so behind, but, I promise to post more frequently! Now, to go back in time just a bit...........

A beautiful young lady!
A partial view of the room
The full hope chest
Waiting to open a gift, listening to words of wisdom
A few words from daddy
Great gift idea......I think? :-)
A bit of Paris
June 11 we celebrated Anna's 16th birthday with a dinner in her honor. We invited several couples to come and encourage her as she comes so close to the "adult" world. We presented Anna with her hope chest, made by a very dear man, Henry Mandery. It is beautiful! Folks filled it with gifts and spoke words of wisdom for her to store in her heart. We enjoyed Asian cuisine and the room was decorated as an evening in Paris! Naomi did a great job of organizing the event, and several ladies along with my mom and dad helped in the decorating. While the place was being transformed, I took Anna to get her hair done. She had already had the fun of getting her make up done at ladies retreat, so I thought it would be fun to have a fancy hair do for the occasion. A special thanks to Jeannifer G. for her participation in this- she did a great job! It was a beautiful evening.....and a beautiful girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Anna!!!! I hope you have the best year yet!!!
    Emilie Johnson

  2. Aw! She is beautiful! Happy birthday to Anna! Can't believe she's 16!!

  3. Happy Birthday Anna!! I love you so much and I hope God blesses you many years to come! I love the photos and all the decorations! And you look soo beautiful!!!!!8O Happy 16th!!
    Celeste Warring

  4. Happy Birthday Anna!!! I hope its the best year yet! You look so beautiful!!!
    Your friend always and forever.
    Emilie Johnson =D


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