What's Been Keeping Me?

The finished beam
The beam from the other side
Samuel nailing the trim around the beam
Sanding the floor
Zeke vacuuming the dust
Well, posting has been put off for a bit as we have been (and still are) under construction. Who knew that a very generous gift of a new dining room table would end up as a complete remodel of our house?! A wall needed to be knocked out, flooring needs to be patched, sanded, primed, and then painted, walls also need to be painted, as well as the trim work and ceiling! We are still in the early stages, though the wall is down and the new beam is in place. I am looking forward to the finished product, and I'm afraid I'm a bit impatient! I love the planning and the then I'd LOVE to just push fast forward and have it all done.


  1. I pray your remodel goes a lot faster then our kitchen remodel....I think...we are going on 4..maybe 5mo without a kitchen! But, that's what happens when you are working with an insurance company!! ;-)

    Can't wait to see the final product of your home!!

  2. Ohh...forgot one thing...
    Your boys are going to be talking about this for the rest of their life! Everytime bud walks into our almost complete kitchen he says...daddy built, I help! Special sweet memories in the making!!

  3. I'm sure when it is all finished you'll be very thankful. Years from now you'll look back with joy over not only the blessing of receiving the dining room table but also the work that went into preparing for it. Thankfully your health is doing better now as well. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

    Love in Christ,

    Brother Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  4. WOW!!! I am so excited for you all! So what kind of flooring are you going to put in? Praying that it will be done soon. Hugs, Grace

  5. I realized that I don't have your email...or any contact info! The kids and I are going to be up your way next week. Would Tues, Wed or Thurs work for us to come visit?!

  6. Cara,
    This week would be great for a visit. Not a lot of furniture but love abounds and we have plenty of floor space.
    Craig and Emily

  7. Cara- you can contact: info@soundpulpit.com

  8. What fun! Its always fun to make improvements...messy, but fun! Can't wait to see the results


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