Girl Time

Las Vegas is a neat place to visit! It is hot and sunny with plenty to keep us busy! We had a blast with Mrs. Tammy Postma and her girls! We are so thankful for such good friends! We enjoyed the opportunity to visit a place we had never been before! We did all kinds of things and enjoyed all kinds of sights. The strip, though glamorous, is a place filled with emptiness. You see the facade all around. The vanity is all there to fill a void, you can see it in the peoples' eyes. A sad state of being, they truly need the gospel! We praise the Lord for faithful servants who are willing to break through the facade and give true hope that will fill the empty void.

Having lunch with our friend, "Mosa"!
Here are some pictures of some of our fun adventures, enjoy!
Being silly, having a picnic
Pretty impressive, behind the trees is a huge fountain that is choreographed to music!
A trip down the "strip"
Dinner anyone?
A little shopping......
Cooling off with some water.......refreshing!
Cooling off with frozen yogurt!
Beautiful Ladies!


  1. Looks like you had alot of fun! Great Photos too! ;D Celeste Warring

  2. I think I'd be looking for the water to cool off in that heat too. How hot did it get while you were there? So glad you all had a time to relax (even in the heat) with friends. Hugs, Grace


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