A Long Awaited Visit

Craig and Kevin ordered the same thing....filet mignon!
Jess's meal, pea ravioli
My meal, duck!
After our visit with the Postma family and their church, we headed to Hurricane, UT where my brother, Kevin, and his family live. We have never had the opportunity to visit them at their home before. We were so excited for the opportunity! Preaching engagements have been a blessing in years past as it affords us the ability to see and do things we would never have been able to otherwise! It was great getting reacquainted with my brother face to face rather than just through texting, and to get to know my sister-in-law, Jess, as well as hugging on my niece, Kira and my newest nephew, Abel! We enjoyed our time together very much! I loved seeing the cousins getting to know each other and having fun doing it!  We enjoyed frozen yogurt, the park, the splash pad, going to a nice dinner as couples, and a fun little hike in Zion National Park (those pics are still on the camera and need to be downloaded, then I'll share!) Here are some pictures that were on my phone, so I can share them now....
My baby brother with his wife, Jess, Craig and I
Samuel with Abel and Selah! So cute!
Some cousin chillin' time!
More twirls!
A twirling Kira!
A proud Nathanael as he got his cousin to sleep!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Very cute photos!! Nathanel and Samuel make great cousins! ;)
    Celeste Warring


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