A Fun Date on Father's Day

While with the Postmas, we were blessed with a fun double date! We had sweet fellowship, saw many fascinating sights, and ate scrumptious food!
Amazing fountain!
Amazing cakes!
A chocolate Lady! (Full size!)
The top of the chocolate fountain
Chocolate fountain!
Flowers galore!
The ceiling of the Bellagio, blown glass made by an artist from Seattle!
Our great friends, the Postmas
Complementary dessert (our waiter was a nice guy!)
A great time at dinner!
This was a wonderful time with friends! And a great opportunity as Craig preached for their camp as well as at their church on Father's Day!


  1. I can't even imagine all that chocolate!!! The flowers are beautiful! Where were they? It reminds me kind of like the gardens inside the Opry Mills Hotel in Nashville... beautiful! Can't wait to see you Sunday! Hugs, Grace

  2. looks fun! hehe i have those same cobalt glasses! i wonder where they get them cuz i think i only have 2 left! hehe


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