Our Trip Toward the Sun!!!!

Michael caught a fish and got to keep it!
We travelled down to Las Vegas, Nevada on June 12th. There, my husband and boys (yes, all the boys, even Zeke!) went to men and boys camp. Craig preached four times while there. They drove up through Zion National Park to get to their destination. I was surprised that Zeke was wanting to go as this was a three hour trip after our 24 hour non stop drive we had just finished! But he was excited about going camping with the boys! He couldn't wait to sleep in the tent, have a campfire, and go fishing and wading! The weather was absolutely perfect! Here are a few pictures of the boys' adventure...............
A few unexpected visitors!
A place to study and prepare for preaching
A beautiful location
Beautiful scenery!
On the road!
Zeke is fishing!
Daniel caught a fish, but it was too big and had to be put back
While the boys were at camp, the girls had some fun too! Check out the pictures from our girl fun tomorrow! Until tomorrow then, blessings to you all!


  1. Looks like they had a fun time! Zeke is too cute with his fishing pole. Missed you guys a lot... can't wait to see you again! We're planning to share our vacation over several posts too... way too many pics for one post. Hugs, Grace

  2. What a great place...so pretty compared to Ohio! Looks like a fun time for all!


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