There's No Fooling You!! So here's the newest Houston....

Yes, the baby in the picture is the newest member of the Houston family!  Now, I didn't lie to you all....I really did have to get the pictures uploaded on to the computer.  I actually e-mailed this pic from my phone.  I did put the hat on her head to try to throw you all off (hiding all of her hair).  But I see that did not work! ;-)   So, to introduce our precious new bundle.........................

Selah Joy Houston

Selah is a musical term used in the Bible meaning to "pause, reflect, or rest"  We chose this name to remind us that in any circumstance we are to "Pause and reflect or to rest in the JOY of the Lord which is our strength"

born:  August 31 at 3:55pm
9 lbs 1 oz        20 1/2"

Selah Joy is a true gift from our Heavenly Father and we are so blessed to welcome our little princess into our home and hearts.  She joins five other princesses and five knights in shining armor.  I must say that the entire birth experience from beginning to end was filled with answered prayers!  From not being induced and having no interventions to being blessed with wonderful nurses and hospital staff.  Our oldest daughter, Naomi, stayed home with the children (per her request) and we had the awesome privilege to have our second oldest, Anna-Renee`, at the birth.  This was the first time to have anyone besides my husband and staff in with me.  It was a very special time for all of us!  As you will see in the picture,  Zeke was not too excited about this new addition, but he has since come to absolutely ADORE his new sister!!!


  1. hahaha yes Zeke just needed to get used to her. In the nursery I asked about "Selah" and he said "baby!" so I think he likes her ;) I would like to come over with some good cookies and perhaps even hold Selah?


  2. Well of course! As long as those cookies really are good!!! ;-)

  3. Wow, I actually saw a post from you prior to my wonderful wife. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday to bring some food that has been requested. Congratulations on your beatiful new baby girl.

    In Christian Love,
    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  4. What a beautiful little girl she is! I think she looks a bit like Michael. Love the picture of your hands, showing what number child this is! Congratulations to all of you!!

  5. She's BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the pictures... esp. the expression on Anna's face while looking at her new sister. Hooray for Naomi... such a blessing! Praising the Lord for answered prayers. ~Hugs, Grace

  6. I KNEW it was her. But, I knew you were trying to throw people off so I didn't say who it was ;) Love ALL the photos, especially of the one of pastor holding 10 fingers up & you holding one!! I also love the updated family photo on the right of you blog!!! Exciting times!!!! I knew you were having a girl! Love what you have done with your blog! Very Nice! Love ya! ~ Jeanne' (I am having issues with logging onto my account & posting comments on your page)!

  7. So sweet! Love the pics. The one with Zeke is adorable. What great captured memories. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I so love the 10 + 1! Great job guys! All of you from Mom & Dad to Naomi and Anna and everyone who I'm sure that made this such a blessed arrival! Miss you all and praying that little Selah Joy is an ever present reminder of God's rest and joy!
    Much Love from us all,
    The Doerr's

  9. Okay, so I must be weird. I loved all of these pictures, but my favorite is the one with Pastor praying holding your hand. That is always such a special time for me and RJ, and I know it must be for you too. Love you!! Janinne


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