One Week and One Day

Wow!  Selah Joy is already one week and one day old!!!  It is always amazing how fast time goes AFTER the baby arrives!  =)  We had her one week check up today and she has already surpassed her birth weight!  At the hospital, she went from 9 lbs 1 oz down to 8 lbs 5 oz.  She now weighs in at 9 lbs 5 oz!!  It normally takes a newborn two weeks to get back up to birth weight......She is quite healthy.  We are very blessed!  She had her second PKU also and didn't even flinch when they poked her heal!  She did get a little agitated though as they squeezed her heal over and over, but never screamed just fussed a bit.  We then took our little princess out to lunch at one of our favorite spots....Fondi's in Gig Harbor.  Time with the most handsome and sweetest man on Earth and my favorite baby girl, a great day!


  1. She is a sweetie! I know she's growing fast, but she still looks so tiny next to Zeke. Glad you had a great day today. See you all on Saturday... hope no one is counting carbs yet.... chicken and dumplings (southern style) and peach cobbler (both per request)... don't worry... healthy salad on the side. ;) Hugs, Grace

  2. LOVE THE PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not believe how time is passing!
    Love ya!


  3. She is beautiful! I recognize the outfit. :) Glad you got a date with your hubby!

  4. She is such a cutie!! Congratulations!!

  5. What a sweetheart! She looks like a Houston! I'm sure you've heard that already and will hear it more. :)


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