A Special Gift.......

Isn't this cradle gorgeous?!
Well, the ladies of our church heard that I was borrowing a bassinet for Selah.  This was due to the fact that we pulled out the bassinet pieces from our playpen only to find some wonderful rodents had chewed their way through the netting!! Ugh!  Anyway, they went together and collected the money for a new bassinet of my own!!!!!  The one I had had my heart set on had been discontinued and so I searched, a little heartbroken, but then found a most amazing cradle.  I like it BETTER than the bassinet!!!  The wood color matches my room furniture way better and the weight limit is about 5 pounds more (better when you start out with heavier babies!) ;-)  It also just looks like something that my grand babies will get to use one day as well!  It is absolutely beautiful!  What a bunch of sweet and very generous ladies!!!  THANK YOU LADIES OF WESTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH!!!!!!!!  You all are a blessing!
Selah loving her new bed! <3


  1. Ooooo...it is gorgeous! So classic! Thanks for sharing! What a great gift!

  2. Hey, it looks like Selah's sound asleep in it, so it MUST be a good bed! :) I'm glad you found one that you love!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I like that one too.... timeless. ~Grace


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