Let's Wrap This Baby Up!!! (pun intended)

Ok, so before I give the answer to the last post, I will put up one last baby to guess.  Then, Monday, I will post the answers and the winner!  Now, to be fair, I will not accept any more answers for the last picture, only this one:


  1. I guess Julia.

    Teresa Olsen

  2. Julia! Did you get my comment about guessing Selah right, or was I too late?
    ~Rachel L.

  3. hehehe that's definitely Julia! It's her "look"


  4. Just as I was coming on here to change my answer from the last one since I remembered we already did Michael! Oh well...this one is definitely Julia. :)

  5. I'll guess Julia.
    Jenny Savage

  6. Julia Sandee Ragsdale


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