Time is quickly passing.....

I was talking with my hubby today, telling him how fast this pregnancy is going!!  This has to be the fastest ever!!  Though my body says, "I'm soooo ready to have this over", my mind says, "what?!  I'm due in 3 1/2 weeks?!!!!!  How can this be possible?"  I know going in for my 8 week ultra sound expecting to see a tiny 8 - 10 week baby and seeing a 15 week baby on the screen really helped to make this a much shorter time for me.....a very nice gift from God!!!!  Hey, if I don't get the "joy" of having my babies "on time", this HAS to be the next best thing!!  ;-)

I am striving to enjoy feeling the wriggling of this little one as I don't know if I'll get this experience ever again.  (ok, I see all the rolling of the eyes)  Seriously though, people, God has blessed me with 11 wonderful arrows to raise for His glory and honor.  I do not presume that He will give me more.  Just as I will not tell Him, "no" for more.  I am ever so thankful for the ones He has given, as unworthy as I feel to train up this many!!  Sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed can get the better of me, but when I put my trust in God, I am sustained.........


  1. Thinking and thanking, too. Hugs, Grace

  2. EXCITING!!!!! Can't wait to meet this little blessing!~Jeanne'


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