So you weren't easily fooled..........

I kind of figured that ANNA-RENEE would be easy for everyone to figure out!  Yep!  This is Anna!  Good job everybody!!!


  1. yay =) we got it right!!! wooowhoooo!! You could TOTALLY tell it was her! Dead Give away! She is such a beautiful young lady! I enjoy having her help in the 2&3s =)

  2. No doubt she is pretty! She was such a cute baby, but her reddish hair, big eyes, and overall SWEEEEEEEEET baby face gave her away! Her very red-tinted hair and little gaping mouth (particularly the hair) are what gave her away. The little red outfit looked like a dress to me too, and the picture was a bit fuzzy. I did not have to read anything at all, just look at the picture for a few seconds and guessed her.. because of her cute hair and maybe the familiar eyes! ;)
    ~Rachel L.

  3. PS: They're all cute in some way. :)
    Love, Rachel


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