And The Houston Is.....

The Houston in the picture is Nathanael. Many of you guessed it right!!! Good job for those who chose to NOT 2nd guess yourself!!! ;-)Sorry I don't have his picture. I promise I will post one later. Currently, my computer is in the shop getting fixed. Safe eyes caused some glitches so I am posting from my phone. I do not know how to get a picture from my phone to my post. Sorry!!


  1. Yeah!!!! I was right! Glad I didn't 2nd guess this time. See you tomorrow at church. Missed you tonight at the BBQ. Hugs, Grace

  2. I wondered why it was later than usual. ;) Yeah, I knew the baby was Nathanael!
    ~Rachel L.

  3. woowhooo! I knew it!!!! =) ~jeanne'

  4. Hahaha I saw your "baby ticker" and saw "11days to go" and I thought "Yeeeeaaah riiight! LOL" Sorry I couldn't resist! Maybe this one will be ONE DAY late instead of a week ;)
    love, Kaitlyn


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