An Agenda?.......

There is nothing quite like little girls and baby dolls.  I love old pictures of little girls with ruffled dresses pushing their babies in buggies.  It shows a heart of desire to be like their mama.  When I was little, I couldn't wait to get the Christmas catalogs in the mail, as I was anticipating going through and dreaming of which new baby doll I might get.  Of course, with the new baby, I dreamed of all the accessories that I could get too.  Things like strollers, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, diaper bags with diapers and sippy cups, etc.  They had a huge section devoted to baby dolls and all that goes with them.  I couldn't wait to grow up and become a mommy with real babies to love and to cuddle, but that seemed so far away........

Now I am a mommy and 5 out of 10 of my children are daughters.  It is my hope that they too will have a strong desire to become what is gloriously taught through Scripture as their God given role.  Whether God opens their wombs or not, I hope the desire for children will be there, deeply seeded in the heart.  To nurture their desire, I encourage the playing with baby dolls.  But I have noticed something that alarms me greatly.......

Little girls are no longer encouraged to have baby dolls.  I mean, it's ok if they're like 2 or 3 years old, but after that they are getting a bit old for them.  I also see that many parents allow their daughters to "grow up" too quickly, I mean 7 years old is NOT to old for baby dolls!  In fact, at 7, I'd say a girl still has close to 4 or 5 years left of girlhood.  I take my girls to the toy section to let them see all of the baby stuff and to get them excited over babies and to my horror, there is but a very small section with a few items.  As you scan the isles of toys, I notice something equally alarming.  The shelves are filled with rockstar dolls and "pets" with all of the accessories to go with them.  You have all kinds of pets with carrying cases and brushes, special food dishes and even bottles.  You can pamper your pet and baby your pet in any way you can imagine.  I don't know, maybe because I live so close to Seattle where the population of dogs is higher than the population of children, I am a bit sensitive.  But maybe, just maybe there is an agenda going on here.  An agenda against the family.  An all out attack from Satan to turn the hearts of our daughters away from what God has intended for them.  The lie that says, you can grow up to be anything you want to be!  You can be the rockstar like the ones in the toy isles or you can skip the nuisance of children and just have your pets be your babies!  Things that are contrary to what the Bible teaches.  Shouldn't we teach our children that their desires should be to become what GOD wants them to be?!  Next time you go to the store, check it out.  See if I'm right.  I will continue to encourage my young daughters to play with babies, pretending they are real and that they are real mommies.  I will continue to train my daughters to desire the things God desires for them........ What about you?


  1. You are so correct! We were at the store just tonight and even my husband notices that the "little girl" stuff was just a tiny section. The play makeup had a bigger section than the baby dolls. It's very very sad!

    Jenn Abell

  2. I couldn't agree more. When little girls play with baby dolls, the fantasy that arises is that of role playing a mother. When little girls play with Barbies the fantasy that arises is that of a beautiful, sensual adult woman. I loved reading this post. And as I said, I couldn't agree more.

    Jenny Savage

    PS- Your maternity photos are so beautiful!!!

  3. You Are right!! I have noticed that there is not that big of a section for baby dolls...but A WHOLE Bunch of Other toys....dumb toys!!

    When Bud sees a baby doll at one of the grandma's house he picks the baby up, holds it, feeds it, burps it, kisses it. Says, "Momma, baby." soo sweet. I pray God will bless Bud with a baby brother or sister someday soon ;)

  4. Right on target! I love the fact that my almost 12 yr old Alyssa still loves her dolls. She looks for new clothes for them every time we go to good will, and she loves looking at the accessories in stores. (the Toys R Us in Tacoma does still have an entire isle of just pure babies and baby accessories -at lease they did last month) I love the fact that she loves her animals, too, but they are not the most important thing to her. It greatly saddens me that people see her dolls as odd. We have girls the same age as Alyssa in our family, and they shed baby dolls at about 2-4 yrs...the result, with nothing to keep their imaginations going, they entered the "grown up" world WAY to early.

  5. Loved this post!! Donna likes her doll, but loves the live dolly she has in her little sister. I'm praying she'll have the heart to play with her even though she's so much older. Thank you for this. Love you!!

  6. Right on the money - I've seen dogs pushed about in strollers, carried in slings and wearing clothing. Just today I read a bio page for a chef that claimed she was a "puppy mommy," and it's terribly common for animals to be considered "children." Blech.

  7. I know..while looking for a modest pattern a few days ago, I saw that a lady said that her babies were shedding. What in the world?!? Then I noticed that her part of her ebay name was catlady! While we were walking one day, we saw a lady holding her dog Lucky, feeding him biscuits, cooing to him, and he was in a stroller!

    ~Rachel L.


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