Got Meat?....Red Meat?

We found out this week that Ezekiel LOVES steak!!!  Safeway is having an awesome one pack of steak, get a 2nd free!  I tell you what, we couldn't have even eaten at McDonalds for as cheap as we ate the steak for!!!!  Since we had Bro. Moses from India with us, we gave him the option of what to have for dinner.  He chuckled and said, "barbecue!"  When Zeke heard we were having steak, he shouted out, "STEAK!"  and did a sort of happy dance!!  I cut his pieces very small so he wouldn't choke and then added rice and steamed broccoli.  He shook his head no for the other food and then proceeded to pull his pile of steak away from the other food!  In a few short minutes, he had polished off his entire steak!  And folks, I must add that he had the same size of steak as I had!!  Anna wasn't very hungry and asked if anyone wanted her steak, Zeke smiled and nodded vigorously!  We told him he had to eat his rice and broccoli first.  After a bit of convincing, I was able to feed him the other food (which he normally loves!)  Then, he watched very intently as I cut the 2nd steak into tiny pieces.  He then gobbled that up quickly....another steak the size of the one he had just eaten!!  Here are some pictures of his pure joy last night!!
cheesy smile
happy boy enjoying his meat

posing for a picture
happy for his seconds!!!!


  1. Aww... So cute! He sure is enjoying that! I think that I might even stomach steamed broccoli for a second serving of steak! Haha. (i prefer my broccoli fresh, not cooked.) He has the cutest little face,.thank you for sharing your photos!

  2. What a little punkin; like most guys I know, love their red meat!


  3. A true Houston boy through and through! Too cute ... so how was his tummy feeling today? Still full? Just curious. Grace

  4. Awesome! And I must add, the steak looks perfectly cooked! MMMMmmmmm!


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