And the Answer Is..............

If you guessed Abigail, you are right!!  This precious baby girl is Abigail Faith Houston!!!!!  She was our "deluxe model" with all of the hair!!  Thank you all who participated.  Look for more to come!!


  1. Aww, Uncle Dave's good- I couldn't commit between her or Julia, so I went for the opposite of his. Can't wait for the next one!

  2. Now this is really bad... because I've only seen 3 of them as babies... and she was one of them! I remembered all her hair, but forgot she had the "stork bite" too. Can I blame this one on age???? LOL ~ Grace

  3. Funny thing- that stork bite still shows up when she cries!! Age doesn't count in this one, Grace!!! Lol!

    Michelle- I was horrified you guessed wrong!! ;-) Just kidding! I actually thought it quite funny and was not surprised that Dave got it right!!! Lol!


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