And the new mommy is....

Just a very quick update:  In my last post, I said there was going to be a new niece or nephew.  Now that it is public, I can say that my sister, Michelle, and her husband are going to have another baby!!!  Her due date is January 1!!!  And...........a couple of days later, I found out that my baby brother and his wife are also going to have another baby!!!!!!!  Their due date?  JANUARY 1!!!!!!!  Isn't that fun?!  I am quite excited, as I'm sure you all haven't figured that out yet!!  So, praise the Lord for the new babies!!   Two new cousins for my children!!!  Yay!  This  makes 20 grandchildren for my mom and dad!!!


  1. I had a feeling it was Michelle! But wow!... all 3 of you! ... Your mom and dad are going to be BUSY .... again! :) So happy for your families! Love ya, Grace

  2. How Exciting! Yay for babies!!!!! =D

  3. Wow that's lots of grandchildren! What a blessing! How fun to be pregnant together and for them even to have the same due! Exciting news!


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