Because They Are Precious......

Here are a few of our most recent pictures.  The bottom one is from Mother's Day, a quick shot taken before loading up to go to church.  These are the most precious treasures I have.  I am so very blessed by each one of them.  Not to mention, they are the cutest treasures, too!!!  In the picture of Zeke, you can see a bit of the scar on his arm left over from the iron falling on it!! :-(

And yes, having pictures up means we bought a computer!!!!!  Yay!  We were waiting for the imac to upgrade, and when they finally did, we went out and got one!!!  I am very excited to have our own computer once again!!!!!  Hope you all have a very blessed day, until next time................


  1. I have to say that i have the cutest little siblings on the planet! This new computer is so awesome. I don't know what we ever did without one;) Just kidding!!!

  2. ALL of the Houston Family mean so much to the Burger Family. Each one of you are loved more that you know!!

    With Much love,
    The Burger Family

  3. I love you all!!!! I am SOOO thankful the Lord brought us together and that you are my TRUE friends! Hugs, Grace

  4. Yay!! Pictures again!!! ;-) I had to open the group picture up in a new tab and zoom in to see the scar...I'm glad it's healing. Has Zeke learned his lesson about irons?!? :-O


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