There Shall Be Showers of Blessing....

This week has been filled with blessings abundant!!  It started last Monday, when we had someone from church stop by to tell us of a great opportunity!!  Bro. George had a co-worker that was giving away a bunch of stuff.  Amongst the "stuff" was a very nice lawn mower (we have needed one for a while and were planning on buying one this season!), a weed eater, lumber for the frame of a new deck, a porch swing, and.....and.......and.....A TREADMILL!!!!!!  Oh, I have been praying for a treadmill and had asked some ladies to pray with me!! So I was very excited to have this very nice treadmill given to us!! Yay!!!  I had been so very faithful at walking and jogging on our road, but since last June, when I injured my ankle, I have not been so faithful.  My ankle still hurts and has started hurting worse with this pregnancy.  The thought of going out on uneven ground has me a bit nervous, along with the wild animals that seem to have gotten bold over the years!  So this gives me no excuse....not even the weather can stop me now!!!  It was like having Christmas in April!! :-)

Friday was a fabulous family day!!!  We thoroughly enjoyed the sun and spent most of the day out in it.  My husband got out his golf clubs and started teaching our children how to swing and hit the ball.  Later, they convinced daddy to play tag.  I enjoyed watching from the sidelines!!!  :-)  Zeke loved being in the great outdoors and Winston was over joyed to have his people all day long!  At the end of the day, I told Craig, "We did it! We spent an entire day at home!!!"  It sure is cheaper to stay home, too!

Saturday was another gloriously beautiful day!!  I took all of my girls out shopping.  For those who know me, you know that I really HATE shopping!!!  But I enjoyed my time with the girls.  We got Easter dresses and new shoes, and stuff for their baskets. (They had to stay in the car while I did that part)  The boys stayed home and did a good job keeping up on laundry and doing some outside work.
Zeke loves being outside and kept pointing out the window in hopes that someone would take him out there!!  They did and had a fun time.

Yesterday, was a great day in the Lord's house!  We had a wonderful Resurrection day, starting out with a great salvation message in the morning service.  There were many visitors and I pray the Lord used the message to work on hearts and open the eyes of those in need of salvation.  We had planned on guests for lunch but had a cancellation.  Our menu was lamb and ham....a tradition we started a couple of years ago.  Along with the meat, we had homemade cheesy scalloped potatoes.  We ended up crashing someone else's party and brought over our food to add to their feast...which was also lamb and ham!!  For dessert, we had an amazing lemon cheesecake made by a friend.  It was beautiful as well as delicious!  After the evening service, our daughter, Julia, got baptized as well as another man.  What a great ending to a great day.  This day also marked 9 years since the church affirmed my husband as the pastor here at Westside Baptist Church.  We say affirmed because God called us here and they affirmed it.  It is hard to believe that it has been that many years!!!  In some ways it has been a long time while in other ways it has been a vapor.  Julia is now the age our oldest, Naomi, was when we moved here!!!  And since moving here, we have added Julia, Lydia, Abigail, Ezekiel, and baby #11!!!  All in all, the week was full of blessings, including finding out that I am going to be an auntie again!!!  I'll let you all know who is giving me another niece or nephew when it is made public, but until then......well, suspense never killed anyone!  ;-)   I hope you all had a blessed week too!!!!


  1. Finally... we got to share a holiday with you! AMAZING!!!Just teasing ;)! So glad you "crashed our party" with the Heinz family ....we ALWAYS enjoy your fellowship!! So glad God moved us here too! We have learned SO MUCH since being a part of Westside ....can't imagine being anywhere else. Praise the Lord, my "cheeto friend"! I know that water was COLD!!!! Double blessings again??!! Can't wait to hear who the other mommy is.The girls all looked beautiful yesterday (as usual!)! The guys ... sharp as ever! Hugs to all... we love you all so much! Grace

  2. It is always so wonderful to get free 'stuff'! I am happy that you are able to receive that blessing.

    Where has the time gone? It's simply flown by.

    Love, Beth


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