Rejoice with those that rejoice

Ok, so today is a beautiful sunny day on the outside and the inside!!!  First of all, I finally got a good night sleep!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  Second, for those who I haven't told already, I recently found out that ALL of my sisters are expecting!!!  Yep! I have one actual sister, and three sisters-in-law and they are all now expecting babies!!  My children will be getting FOUR new cousins between December and January!!  So my parents get 3 new grand babies and Craig's parents get 3 new grand babies!!

Well, I just wanted to share a little joy as this has truly been a roller coaster of a week!!!  Hope you all have a blessed day!  And if you live in our area, enjoy the bit of sunshine that is out!!!  Blessings to all......


  1. Can't wait to see the photo line up! So, when are you all going to have your first baby get together???? That would be fun down through the years. Hope this coming week is better. Love ya, Grace

  2. That is amazing! :)

  3. What fun to have so many sweet babies born together! Its always better to have lots of cousins the same age.
    Glad that you're getting a bit of sunshine too. We're finally getting some also, but who knows, it could change any minute! :)


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