Mothers' Day...An Unusual Anniversary :-)

Mothers' Day is a very special day for many, many reasons.  First of all, It makes me pause and reflect on the wonderful mother I was blessed to have.  She is an amazing woman who sacrificed much to raise three rather obnoxious children! ;-)  Second, I can be so very thankful to my wonderful mother-in-law who also sacrificed much to raise three children, one who was especially obnoxious!!!!!  But I am truly blessed at this son she raised.  A son who loves the Lord with all of his heart, soul and mind, and who loves his wife as Christ loved the church, and loves his children more than anything.  Third, I am blessed to be called "mother" by 10 children, and soon 11.  I am thankful that God has counted me faithful and given me the opportunity to raise these precious children for His glory.   Last, but not least, mothers' day is an unusual anniversary.  Nineteen years ago, a very handsome young man asked me out on a date.  On mothers' day?!!  Yep!  My own mother didn't even flinch, let alone pause to think about the answer!!  When I asked if I could go out with "Craig Houston", she immediately said YES!!  Okay, okay, let me assure all of you, my children will NOT be allowed to date and do the things we were allowed to do, and I will NEVER promote this for anyone!!!!!!  With that being said, I was but 15 years old, and he was 16.  He came, with Wranglers and a cowboy hat.  We had a lovely dinner at the Dutch Cup restaurant (which is no longer), then we went to his house and visited with his mom and sister.  I was so shy and nervous, I barely said more than a few words.  If you had told me then that 19 years later, we would be about to celebrate 17 years of marriage, be having our 11th child, and Craig would have been pastoring for 13 years, I would have told you that you were crazy and that you belonged in an institution!!!!!!  But here we are and I wouldn't change a thing!!!


  1. This is such a wonderful story! Excited to see what the Lord is going to bless you all with in #11. You have some amazing children and it so wonderful to see you give God ALL the glory for it. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day


  2. I'm so thankful, as I'm sure are many others, that God's hand was over your lives. It's so fun to have you for a cousin - just wish we actually saw each other every once in a while! We'll have to try to come visit some time. :)

  3. i love you so much mom and hope that you always have the most amazing Mother's Day!These are the reasons that I am thankful for mom.
    #1-She has the most amazing oldest daughter! (ME);)
    #2-She is the most amazing mom.
    #3-She loves all of her children and doesn't have favorites(except for me.)
    I am just joking but she is the most AMAZING mom that anyone in the world could have!!!!!!
    Love you lots!

  4. Yes, I have to agree with Naomi ... amazing ... I certainly couldn't even imagine anyone else doing all that you do ... for everyone. You have been a tremendous example as a mother and a wife to me these past few years ... thank you so much! Hope you had a very happy Mother's Day! Love ya, Grace


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