15 today........

It is amazing to me to think that my second daughter is now 15.....the age I was when I met their father!!!!! Time has flown, but I remember the moment when my wonderful husband announced to me, "It's a girl!"  He was the one who actually delivered her as our doctor hadn't arrived just yet.  The doc came a minute and a half too late.  I'll never forget him saying, "No charge."  He meant it, he hadn't missed a birth in over 20 years and he didn't charge us for the delivery!!!  I doubt you could find that these days!  Anyway, I wouldn't trade the last 15 years for anything!  I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity thus far to raise my precious daughter, Anna-Rene`e Ruth Houston.

Today, her daddy and I spent the afternoon with just her.  We went to lunch at Fondi's in Gig Harbor where we had gourmet pizza, salad, and gelato for dessert.  The gelato was complementary as the waiter felt bad for making us wait so long to get refills on our sodas!!!  It really wasn't his fault as he went to get them and suddenly several customers arrived.  We then went and perused some of the shops and stopped to get some coffee.  It was a very enjoyable time spent together......one of the greatest parts was when an employee at one of the shops said she thought we were a bunch of friends rather than daughter with parents!! Ha ha ha!!  She was shocked that Anna was only 15, she thought at least 18 or 20!!!  That made Anna's day, too!! ;-)  The end of today includes a steak dinner with baked potatoes and brownies for her "birthday cake".  Craig had to give a little disclaimer to our other children:  you can only request a steak dinner for your birthday when you are a teenager!!!  Could you imagine the food bill in October and November if they all wanted steak for their birthday?!!!

Well, we are now ending a wonderful day with a wonderful 15 year old daughter/sister.  What a blessed time.  I look forward to what the future holds for this dear young lady.  What will the Lord use her life for? She has already been used to touch so many lives, here locally, as well as over seas in Uganda, Africa.  It was one year to the day that she and her daddy landed in Africa.  How they have been reminiscing about that today!!  Whatever her future holds, I trust she will be used mightily by our loving savior.  I praise the Lord for these days with her..........


  1. That's amazing! I still keep remembering Anna as a little toddler. Here she is a beautiful and gifted young lady who loves the Lord. What a tremendous blessing! :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!!!! We love you!!! Hugs, The Potvin Crew Psalm 118:24

  3. Happy Birthday, Anna!!! You certainly have been a wonderful friend to all, including me. I pray that God will bless you in the years to come!

  4. I am truely blessed to know you and your family! You all have been at the very top of my daily prayer list since Craig and Anna left for Ugananda. And there you shall stay. Happy Bitthday Anna Renee! And God bless The Houston family!

  5. Hey I tried to leave you a comment earlier but kept typing the security code wrong lol!
    Happy Birthday Anna! always always continue to seek first the kingdom of God!
    Sara Hall

  6. Happy belated birthday... I tried to send this on monday but i was having trouble connecting to the internet. I Hope we can come visit again soon!

    Robert Fehlen

  7. Thank you all. I had a great birthday ! and I also have such GREAT friends!!!!
    You all are so dear to me. Happy birthday to you also Robbert. hope you had a good Birthday! and i hope you all con come and visit again soon. and for more than just one day.
    to God be the glory.

  8. Happy belated birthday Anna! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I can't believe we are both so old. :D I remember when we were 8 and 9. How time flies! I miss you and love you, friend.
    God bless,


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