Hello, little one!

Well, hello, little one!  As I lay here, a million thoughts running through my head, I am reminded of your very presence as your soft little kicks are felt.  I am reminded of how you are being fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am blessed by the feeling of your precious little feet as they grow daily, and are more readily felt.  I know that very soon I will be able to feel your every move as you continue in your development.  I am also reminded to pray for you.  For your physical needs as well as your spiritual needs. I am as in love with you as if I had known you for a lifetime, and yet, I have never met you face to face.  I look forward to that meeting, when I can hold your warm little body in my arms, feel your soft skin beneath my lips, and drink in the wonderful aroma of pure baby-ness!!  I look forward to the adventure of raising you for the glory and honor of our wonderful Heavenly Father!  May you, precious child, grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray that you will one day receive the amazing gift of salvation and serve the Lord with your whole being! I love you.............



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