What is it about the sun that calls our name?  I love rainy days with a nice fire in the wood stove, as long as I can sit by that cozy fire and not go out in the rain!  But the sun puts something into me, an inspiration to go out and to get things done.  It is an energy giver.  It is also a nostalgia bringer, if that makes any sense.  And it makes me want to go make memories with my little ones.  The days are getting longer and this makes me hopeful for some warmer weather.  I am hoping for a summer of popcicles and bare feet, sun dresses and sandals.  Trips to the beach and adventures in the park.  I am ready for summer.  Though we must get through spring first, I am still anxious!!

Ok, so this week has been extra busy with lots of visitors to our house and places to go.  I won't lie, this makes me one tired out mama!  I am thankful for a loving husband who is attentive to my physical need for rest.  Yesterday, I went to my monthly doctor's appointment.  It all went well, and I even lost a couple of pounds!!!  The doc was pleased with everything.  He did give me reason to hope....though I was measuring big, he checked the stats on last week's ultra sound and saw that baby is actually measuring small, just under the 50th percentile.  He told me that at this stage in the game, we won't be growing a big baby.  Yay!!  I am going to look forward to seeing if this will be true.  Meanwhile, baby is very active and the braxton hicks are becoming more frequent.  My tummy is growing and my little ones love it!! I have a constant barrage of hands wanting to rub the belly!!  I am thankful for the excitement that new babies bring to our home.

I am currently reading, "Large Family Logistics, The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family", by Kim Brenneman.  It is very good and helpful, as well as convicting in areas that I know I need to improve on!!  There are a lot of helpful ideas to try.  I am always wanting to glean from others who have been down the same road and have managed to do it without ending up in a straight jacket!!! ;-)  I love my large family, but it does bring a lot of hard work and juggling of priorities and personalities.  It is a great way to keep any mom humble and to keep us completely dependent upon our Heavenly Father!!!  I am thankful for the strength God gives me day to day.

In my personal Bible reading, I am currently in 1 Corinthians.  I have been reading through the New testament, though not in order.  I love the encouragement the NT brings as well as the exhortation to do right.  God's word is life giving.  So I will leave you with these questions, how are your personal times with the Lord doing?  Are you allowing God to guide you in every area in your life?  How is your thought life?  How is your social life...is it full of gossip, slander, or vanities, or is it edifying?  Are you truly living a Christlike life?  Is the Lord glorified by your activities and attitudes?

Until next time.......May the Lord get all the glory!


  1. Thank you... it's good to know that I am not alone. I love winter, I always have ... but for some reason this winter seems to be dragging on and on. I, too, am ready for some sunshine. Never heard of that book before ... I guess it's because around here, 5 children doesn't put us in the "large family" category. LOL Praying for you and baby. This is where I want to insert "take it easy", but we both know that those are foreign words right now. As far as the Lord's working, I think I need to wear a "under construction" sign. Too many improvements being worked on at one time. OUCH! Love ya lots, Grace

  2. I love different seasons. I always try to enjoy the one I'm in, but at the same time I'm always thankful when the next comes around.

    I have another friend, expecting her 8th, who just finished reading "Large Family Logistics" and loved it! It sounds like a great read. I may have to check it out, even with just my meager three kids. ;) I just love to organize!


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