Eleven years ago....

Eleven years ago today, I went into the doctor's office feeling a bit discouraged.  You see, I was 21 days past my due date with my 5th child.  Everyone I knew who was expecting in the same time frame as I had already given birth and had their little ones cradled in their arms.  And I was still waiting.  Even my sister who was due in April had had her baby boy the last week of March!!  We kind of swapped months.

At 9 am, I went in for my appointment.  My doctor asked if I was feeling the contractions I was having.  I wasn't.  Craig asked if we could induce labor.  (We lived 70 miles away and were staying at this point with my parents until baby was born).  The phone call was made to the small hospital and we were told to come on over, there was an open room.  Instead of starting out with pitocin, they decided to use another means to induce.  My doctor, on the phone with the nurse, told her he didn't know why we were even trying induction as it had not worked on me before!  We chuckled but trusted the Lord would allow this baby to be born.  I started feeling the contractions after awhile.  The hospital gave us a "leave" time of an hour to go get dinner.  This meant that I was still a patient and still was occupying the LDR room, but we could leave the building for an hour.  I can't even imagine a hospital doing that now!! When you are induced in any manner, you are strapped to monitors and NOT allowed to eat anything at all until baby is born!!!

We went to a place called, T Paul's cafe, a small restaurant that a friend we went to school with owned.  We ordered sandwiches and the labor kicked in.  My friend kept saying that she couldn't believe that I was in labor at her restaurant!!  She was very excited!!!  (BTW, if you are ever in Astoria, OR, I highly recommend this quaint cafe!!!)

Well, soon the hour was up and we were once again at the hospital, in very active labor.  Nathanael Craig Houston was born late that evening.  Weighing in at 8 lbs even!!  (My smallest boy)  It was love at first sight!! He had a head FULL of black hair, more than any of my other children (until Abby that is!)  I can remember this all as if it had just happened.  But that was 11 years ago.....

Today, my son celebrates his 11th birthday on the 11th day of April, 2011!!! What a special day today is!!  He had his party on Saturday, with air soft wars and a taco bar.  Today's menu ordered by this amazing young man:  homemade biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch, and home fried chicken with asparagus and potatoes for dinner.  He has great taste!!! ;-)

Another exciting aspect for a Houston boy who turns 11, is the official joining of the boyscouts!!!  Yes, I now have three boyscouts in the home!!!

Nathanael is an amazing boy!  He has brought much joy to our home.  He is loving and compassionate, and loves the Lord with all of his heart.  He enjoys life and almost always has a smile on his face!!  I love you, son!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday little brother!! i love you and hope you have a great birthday. you such a awesome brother! you are growing up way to fast.
    love you lots!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday my sweet Nathanael! You are such a sweet and tender hearted young man. Serve the Lord always and never be unwilling to sacrifice everything even life itself for the cause of Christ!
    "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"
    -Jim Elliot
    You have grown even in the short time since your salvation, I have seen it day by day. Keep it up and have a great Birthday!

    Love -Naomi

  3. Happy birthday, Nathanael!! You are a blessing to our family and we love and appreciate you! God has something special in store for your life and we love being part of seeing you take each step in following Him. Happy 11th birthday from the Hensons!

  4. Wowza! Happy birthday Nathanael! I forget that time doesn't stand still just b/c we aren't there. ;)

  5. Happy birthday Nathanael! I don't know of many 11 year old boys who would include asparagus on their birthday menus. :)

  6. Happy 11th Birthday Nathanael!!! Hope this next year will be another great year for you to "increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." (Luke 2:52)

    Oh and @ what Meagan said, I'm 19 and wouldn't ask for asparagus :P

  7. Happy Birthday Nathanael!! Seems like just yesterday you were 3 years old ;)You have been a blessing to the Burger family and we love you! Keep serving the Lord, we are truly blessed to serve our amazing God side by side with you and your family!

  8. Happy Birthday Nathanael!!! We really enjoy you being in our Wed. night Bible study class. You are truly a joy to be around.... such an encourager! We love you and pray you keep following the Lord with all of your heart all of your days. Many prayers, Bro. and Mrs. Potvin

  9. Happy Birthday Nathanael!! Yes, you are known for your sweet countenance and kind, compassionate ways. You are always so kind and respectful, and I always admire that about you. I hope you had a great birthday! Love, the Savage Family


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