It's Here!!!!!

This morning, the UPS truck pulled up to our home and delivered Anna's new meds! She will begin taking it today. Many people have asked me how they should pray. Well, the answer is, I really don't know. Just pray that the Lord's will be done. It would be nice to have Anna feeling better and more "herself" for a few months, but if not, then I pray that the transplant would be expedited so as to get this lovely young lady back to health. =) Anna's blood work was perfect yesterday! We rejoice. Anna will have an appointment next Wednesday and then she will get to take a week off. We will be heading to Oregon for a much needed time away. Every other year we have the opportunity to stay, for free, at the Cannon Beach Conference Center with their "pastor's get away special". This has been a tradition that we have loved and look forward to every other year. We always enjoy our walks to the beach, yes even in February! It is amazing to me that the Lord has allowed us to have beautiful weather every time we go! We love going to Haystack Rock, getting candy from the candy shop, and eating Mo's clam chowder while looking out at the Mighty Pacific Ocean! Most of all, we love spending time together, being refreshed from the day to day stuff that tends to bog us down.

Looking from the Astor Column toward the mouth of the Columbia River

A view looking out at the place I grew up
After our time in Cannon Beach, we plan to take a few days to see family in Astoria. Please pray that all will be healthy and that our time would be the recharge that we need! We will be getting back in time for Anna's appointment and then on to couples' retreat. I am very excited about the coming weeks!


  1. Keeping Anna in my prayers! Praying also that God will bless you all with great weather again this year and that He will grant you all the much needed rest and family time! I must admit, it's not going to be the same without you all here though. Gonna miss you. Someday I hope we can make a trip down to that area... I love visiting historical areas. Have fun and tell your family hello for me! Hugs, Grace

  2. Praying for Anna and Samuel and the entire Houston Family. We will miss you when you are away, but we are happy that you are going to have some much needed time away. Praying for great weather, and that you will have wonderful family time!!

    Love and Prayers,
    Bill, Sheri and Family

  3. I am thrilled for you all and know God will bless this time of respite. I pray continually for Anna and all of the Houstons. You mean so much to me.

  4. Praise the Lord that Anna's medication arrived! I will be praying that it improves Anna's quality of life and that she can get stronger. I'm so glad that you're able to go on vacation. I hope you are all healthy and feeling good for it. I will miss you all!

    Love you guys,
    Sarah S.

  5. Praise the Lord!!! I'm so thankful the meds are in.... Praying that the medicine will agree with Anna and she will be feeling better. Thankful that Samuel is doing better. Looking forward to seeing the Houstons this Sunday for the final portion of Pastor's vision for WBC. I too hope you have wonderful weather while you visit and take a much needed break down in OR.

    God Bless you,

    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  6. It's all in God's perfect timing. So happy that the Lord has answered yet another prayer in allowing these meds to arrive quickly. There are such a variety of responses Anna could have to these meds, and I'm praying that she'll feel healthy and strong, with a good appetite as these meds work their way thru her system. I'm praying that as you do some traveling that God will protect her from germs and give her the opportunity to enjoy this time before the transplant. Just know that you all are loved, and prayed for by many.

  7. Praying for Anna and the whole family. We miss you guys. Praying you have a wonderful time on your much needed away time. We're heading to Astoria next week :) Our first time can't wait. Rebecca says to please tell Anna hi and she's praying for her.

    Sending Hugs & Prayers

  8. Dear Houston Family,
    We have been keeping Anna and all of you in our prayer time! I was so nice getting to know you all when we traveled to Washington!! May you have a beautiful time in Oregon ~ bless you all ~ Larry & Mary Petersen and Family/ Southern California


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