Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our home to yours! I am way behind in blog posts and I plan on doing some major catching up now that the holidays are over and we can all take a collective sigh of (relief?). I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebrations! We truly enjoyed our time spent with our family at home. Though the time was fun, we are happily returning to our "normal" daily schedule. School is back in session, decorations are put away, the goodies are (almost) gone, and life is good! So, stay tuned for more frequent updates right here!


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    1. Joann's fabric store. I bought a 15 foot length of fabric in the home decor section, it works well!

  2. I saw the background and said "ooooooo!!" I like it!

  3. Wow! Someone has been having fun with updating their blog! I guess you are still in the decorating mood now that your living and dining rooms are done. They are ALL very pretty!

    I pray you ALL have a very happy and Blessed New Year! I love you all and are SOOO thankful for my friends, the Houston clan! Hugs, Grace

  4. Hey, I just noticed what your children are doing in the picture. Are you going to post a picture of the finished gingerbread houses?? I'd love to see them. Do you all actually eat them all? Hugs, Grace


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