A Smile Worth a Thousand Words....Or Dollars? :-)

God is a God full of blessings!  And He gives great gifts to His children!  We are praising the Lord for the very special gift He has just blessed us with.  Let me share the story:

Several years ago, we noticed Nathanael's front tooth didn't seem to want to come out.  He was well past the age when the top, front, left tooth should've fallen out and the permanent tooth grown in.  His right one had.  When we went to the dentist, the x-ray showed something unusual.  Actually, the dentist didn't even know what was going on!  So, after some very frustrating chaotic consultations, we FINALLY got to the right people!  The pediatric oral surgeon took some more extensive x-rays, and a surgery date was made.  The funny part about that was that it was scheduled for 10 days AFTER my due date with baby #10!  (sure enough, I made it to the surgery just fine, and Zeke was born a week later.)  It turned out that Nathanael had two extra teeth in his gums that prevented his permanent teeth from coming down.  One of these teeth actually grew folded over!  The oral surgeon said it could take up to a year and a half for his permanent teeth to move down, but they may be deformed or they may never grow in.  It has now been 2 1/2 years since his surgery and still no teeth.  The unfortunate thing is that when someone has something unusual about their physical features, people whether young or (even more unfortunate) adults will make fun of that person.  I am sad to say this happened to him rather frequently!

So, now for the present day.....Our neighbor just happens to be a denturist.  He volunteered to make a tooth for Nathanael!  He DONATED it!!  Now Nathanael, who I must say has ALWAYS had an awesome smile and everyone notices, has an even happier smile!  Thank you Rob Wiederich!!!!!  You are a true blessing!!!  And thank you, Lord for putting the right people in the right place and the right time!
The new tooth!


  1. Yay Nathanael!!!! I am so happy for you! I love it when God orchestrates something we never could have planned. Rejoicing with you in your blessing. Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  2. That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the story, it is a blessing!

  3. Yay Nathanael I am so happy for you from your friend Brady


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