Nathanael's Day

Orange knots
Cinnamon Rolls before the frosting
After the frosting
The bakers three
frozen yogurt from Blu Berry
His new gift
Today was Nathanael's big day........we had orange knots and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Olive Garden for lunch (he chose fettucini alfredo with salmon), and special snacks for Bible study dinner.  We also went to Blu Berry for dessert, yum!  He got to go to Toys R Us to pick out his gift....Playmobil.
Getting ready for lunch!
Dad, Mom, and Nathanael
The fettucini with Salmon
Steak parmesan


  1. So glad we were able to share in your birthday tonight at Bible study. It's always good to have your smiling face in class! :) Hugs, Mrs. Potvin


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