A Little Wisdom Lost..... ;-)

Time to go!
A quick smile just to appease mom!
Don't take a picture! I feel miserable!
I'm so out of it but something tells me I really don't like you right now!
Sleeping off the anesthesia 
Even a welcoming party!
Feeling slightly better and feeling the love of siblings! <3
Today Naomi had all four of her wisdom teeth extracted.  Three of the four were compacted, the fourth was partially compacted.  The surgery lasted only about 45 minutes from prep to recovery.  She went in with a smile and came out looking....well.....I'll let the picture speak for itself!  She is; however, enjoying time up in her quiet, dark room with videos on the laptop.  The pain is being kept at bay with some lovely prescription stuff.  Unlike with her tonsillectomy, she is enjoying the jello, pudding, popsicles, and juice.   Thank you to all who prayed for her today!!!  Please continue to pray for her recovery!!!


  1. My first thought (after the "poor Naomi" one) was the "I can't believe you posted those pictures" one. So glad you weren't around when I had mine out.... but of course there weren't any digital cameras, PCs, or blogs back then either. Maybe my age isn't so bad after all. LOL Seriously though, Naomi, I hope you are feeling better (without meds) soon!! Love and hugs, Grace (Mrs. Potvin)

  2. Ohh my word!!!! Poor naomi!!!! Praying for her!! Might want to keep Those photos around....good photos to show to a prospect husband ;-) ...for Better....and..Not so better.... ;-) hehe

  3. Ouch! I forgot she was having that done today. Love you Naomi!!


  4. oy! that looks painful! makes me more thankful to God that he gave me such a big mouth!(pun intended) mine are in and straight!

  5. You LOOK sooooo Awesome Naomi!!! hope you feel better!!

  6. Oh, Naomi! OUCH! That brings back way too many memories! :) I hope you are feeling much better now and enjoying some extra pampering!

  7. Naomi I hope you are feeling much better now i'm Praying you and i know that it can be painful

  8. Poor girl!
    I finally got time to read this post...and now feel bad for teasing her Sunday!
    She looked like I did on my left on both sides!
    I hope she's feeling better and able to soon be off the meds, if not already!



  9. Just so everybody knows, that actually is not swelling. My cheeks are so huge because of two huge pieces of gauze stuffed in my mouth on each side so don't feel so bad. I was just lucky not to swell up as much as someone we all know! ;) (Got you back Gill :0)


  10. Well in that case...
    I'm glad you weren't as bad as you looked!

    Hahah, jk...kinda ;)



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