Day +60!!!

Today is day +60 post transplant! Sooooo.....what's going on right now? Well, for one thing, Anna no longer needs her fluids via her Hickman line! Each night we had to hook her up to a small pump that gave her magnesium and fluids. This took about two and a half hours to administer, and while not much of a big deal, could be a bit annoying and cumbersome.  Last night we sent the pump back! Now we just have to remember to flush both of her lines each day. We continue to decrease her Prednisone levels every few days. We now only have one appointment with the team of doctors a week, with two blood draws (Mondays and Thursdays). In general, Anna is still feeling a bit crummy but better than past days. Her spirit is still positive and focused on the things of the Lord, though there are days of discouragement. Human feelings that sometimes get in the way of the main focus. Anna is maintaining her physical fitness with mild exercises that have been given the thumbs up for a slight increase.

These days are days of anticipation. Just 20 days until her extensive testing to see just where she is at physically, and just 40 days until day +100! We are well on our way to going home to Bremerton, though we keep in the back of our mind that things still could change quickly. It's hard to balance the positives and negatives of the situation at times. Thankfully, while trying to be realistic and extremely careful with Anna, the attention is mostly on our home going. Being in Bremerton doesn't make life normal yet, but it's home.

The other day, two representatives from Make-a-Wish foundation, came to our home to meet our family, bringing gifts to our children and paper work for Craig and I to sign. Anna was approved a few weeks ago for this program to which she gets to make a wish for something big....a chance of a lifetime.....something just for her. The categories to choose from include: "I would like to be...", "I would like to meet....", "I would like to have....", and "I would like to go...."
This has been very hard for her to wrap her mind around! She is leaning toward a trip somewhere with the family. They pay the expenses for everyone in the family and encourage the "wish child" to choose something that their family would not be able to do otherwise. It is because of very generous people and companies that donate to this foundation that they can do this. It is very humbling and out of character for Anna to be able to choose something for herself that it has made the decision making very difficult! She asks us for advice to which we reply, "this is YOUR wish, YOU have to choose, not us!" It truly is a big decision and I know she will enjoy whatever she does choose! If it is a trip, we will have to wait a year before we are cleared to go as her immune system should be back to a more normal state by then.

We are nearing the end of this time here in Seattle....did that sound too anxious? In preparation, we are doing a major clean up of the Bremerton home and starting to bring stuff back from the Seattle house. Much needs to be accomplished so we thought it better to do it now before we have 13 bodies living there and in the way! Things are going quite well and we are ever thankful that God has allowed such progress with Anna's health. He has proven His care over and over in concern with Anna, and with others that we have asked prayer for! Praise the Lord that little "Iron Will" is doing very well and may get to come home fairly soon, also, praise the Lord for the news on Lynsie.  Lynsie is the 23 year old young lady I told you about while we were at the hospital. She was Anna's neighbor and had sent Anna a balloon as an encouragement. Since then, they sent each other notes and then greeted each other as time and health permitted. In the past few days, Lynsie has been featured in the health section of for the experimental T-cell treatment that seems to have been successful in getting rid of her cancer! Again, we rejoice in answered prayer! Thank you all for your continued love, care, support, and especially prayers during this time! May you all be extra blessed today!


  1. love you Anna. and congrats on no more fluids every night it just means that you are getting closer to going to bremerton. HURRAY!


  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the update and all the good news. It's amazing to see God answering prayers in such clear ways! "And the prayer of faith SHALL save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him (or her) up." (James 5:15a) I love you guys! By the way, the "or her" was not in the original text.:-)

  3. What a blessing Sunday to see almost all the family in the front row!Thank you Anna Sherman for sharing Sunday with are such a blessing and a very special young woman.
    And Daniel..did shaving your "locks" and sharing your bone morrow make you grow taller? or am I just shrinking? I stood next to you Sunday, and I don't remember having to tilt my head up so far to see your face! Or it may be the water at church, as so many of the young boys are now tall young men.
    Anna, sooo glad you are separated from one of your many medical "contraptions"..1 down, others in line to go!
    How awesome for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I'm smiling in anticipation of your choice. Do you have to let them know by a certain time, and can you change your mind later? Oh my, what a journey you and your family are having!
    God is truly raining blessings on you and holding you in His healing hands! Love to you all in Jesus precious name,Aunt B

  4. Wow...I praise God that you are continuing to get well, more fluids every night...:)...Love you and miss you soooo much...Can't wait to see you home!

  5. WOW!Our God is so good!! We are looking forward to the day that you are home in Bremerton for good! I am praying daily for the tests that will come at day 80 and that God will let you come home at day 100. As I opened the blog and saw your beautiful picture, I was thankful to see your smile and read all the blessings that God is giving you. I know there is still a long road to go but God is providing for you.When I read the article about Lynsie I was rejoicing for her and praying for continued healing.Dave said he will take a rain check for your tree race at family camp. (I am sure you will beat him the next time). May God continue to help you with the decisions that are ahead and know that He is still walking with you every step of the way.
    Love and Prayers
    Mrs. Harper

  6. So much good news!! Exciting to see the Lord working on all of you. I received a call from a representative to raise funds for Seattle Children's Cancer Fund (something like that) and I got to share Anna's story and how the Lord is healing her. They asked me about her being in the Make-A-Wish program and I couldn't answer that. Then they asked if there was something that I thought she would want, and Paris was the first thought in my mind, second was Uganda. Love you all!! Missing you, Anna! Can't wait to see your fully-healed, smiling face!!

  7. Anna I love you so much, thank you for the update.
    PS. You look so beautiful Anna

  8. Dear Houston Family,

    I thank God for this good news. I pray that He will continue to heal Anna and bless her with His abundant joy. May God grant all of you strength as you go through this period of change.

  9. Praying for your whole family! Praising God He's helped you to be so strong through this situation! Love you guys!
    Rebekah (Tracht) Hodge

  10. I'm so very excited for you to be able to spring the bonds on just even one thing, with the future potential of so much more. Just the fact that you no longer need the medicated fluids thru the Hickman....shows the healing that God has allowed within your body. I'm in awe of your continued sweet spirit, and desire to be a testimony to others of God's love & grace in your life. You have an opportunity, that is special, and God doesn't give it to just anybody, but to those He trusts to share their healing testimony w/others. I know there are days that must be much harder than others to 'keep up a good front', but the important thing is that you keep trying. Keep that beautiful smile & great attitude showing to others what God has accomplished in your life. Remember the prayers going up on your behalf daily from all parts of the country! Carole Binder & family

  11. You are absolutely Stunning Anna Renée!

    Rhiannon often grabs my phone...her face LIGHTS up when she sees photos of you! We know she truly miss you!

    We Praise The Lord for all the answers to prayers & all the wonderful blessings!

    We will continue to pray for you.

    We love & miss you!

  12. Praise God for his continued provision and healing! Anna, I know that you would wish for something for your family (I wouldn't be surprised if you already thought to have them cover the cost of your sibling's missions trips). Think long and pry much about your request, and think of something that will give you some personal refreshment and relaxation. I know you would find great joy in something that gives joy to those close to you, but this is for you! Send the whole family on a missions trip or something like that! I'm still praying and can't wait to have you all back here in Bremerton!
    We miss you Anna and hope to visit again soon!


  13. Wow, what a big choice you get to make with the make-a-wish people. I'm sure the Lord will help guide you in a great decision!

    Rejoicing to hear that youre continuing to get well!

  14. So happy to hear the amazing news! Praise the Lord! I can't imagine what a big relief getting rid of the pump is! It must feel like such freedom! That is so wonderful that you got a visit from Make-a-wish. I know that whatever you decide, everyone will love :-)
    The Hilsons

  15. How wonderful that Anna gets to choose something so very special! And that is fabulous that you get to go home so soon!

  16. Anna, as I read this post, I have tears of happiness and joy for you ... for all that God has done in blessing your faithfulness to Him. You have shared Him and been a light to others during their dark times... even when it may have not been easy for you to do. Thank you for your testimony... for you did it without seeking a reward... and He has chosen to bless you now beyond anything anyone could have imagined.

    I'm looking forward to you all to be able to move home soon ... your healing is daily in my prayers. When you are up to it, I'll have a fresh peach cobbler ready for you. Just let me know when. I love you and miss you much, my friend. Hugs, Mrs. Potvin ~~~ Psalm 138:3&8

  17. So beautiful Anna! Love that picture. We praise God for how well you are doing. Thank you for sharing your journey. You and your siblings are so sweet and special. PS: tell Abigail that I did tell Ellie & Chloe 'hi' from her. ;)

  18. Wow...I praise God that you are continuing to get well, congrats on no more fluids every night it just means that you are getting closer to going home, love you Anna and love y'all
    A friend and brother in Christ

  19. Anna,

    That is a beautiful picture of you. I too keep you daily in my prayers. Hoping you and your family will be able to return to your Bremerton home in just a few more weeks. Thankful that you are doing better, as I've said many times over the past several months you've had a tremendous testimony and have been a great encouragement to a vast amount of people.

    God Bless you,
    Mr. Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  20. Anna I praise God that you are continuing to get well, congrats on no more fluids every night it just means that you are getting closer to going home, and love you all
    A friend and brother in Christ

    1. Can you delet this one


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