(The picture above is the meds I put together every Monday and Thursday as doses change on those days, for Anna to take each and every day....just a few)

A very over due update on Anna. Today is day +52....over half way to day +100!!! And how is our dear one doing??? Well, upon getting the results of her bone marrow aspiration, we were informed that she still has cancer cells, for which all were disappointed. The percentage (0.03% or so) is small though and not much to be concerned about at this time. In six months if she still has cancer, than we will discuss more treatment options. We trust that her new cells are fighting the cancer cells and that the GVHD is a good sign of this happening.  The cancer is not visible with the regular blood samples taken, only through the extensive tests with the actual bone marrow. All of Anna's numbers are fabulous! She is doing quite well. Sunday, Anna had a slight fever that we monitored closely, and she did not feel well. By the end of the day her temp was normal. During Monday's appointment, the doctor said that this was probably a GVHD flair up due to the tapering of her prednisone and that it should ease up in a couple of days. She still doesn't feel too well, but her temp is stable. At this point in time, Anna has two days a week that she has to go to SCCA for blood draws and appointments.

The jumping jack competition......
As you may remember, Anna had a jumping jack competition planned with one of the PAs (physician's assistant), Darrin. Darrin was one of our favorites with his good nature and fun spirit. He had a bone marrow transplant eleven years ago so he totally understands his patients' needs physically and emotionally. Well, we found out that he had had to have a double hip replacement due to the high dose prednisone for extended period of time. We asked him if he should even be doing a j.j. competition. He said, "no, probably not, but I'll still do it!" Unfortunately, Anna is under strict orders to NOT jog, or do jumping jacks. Only light exercise, also due to the prednisone and how hard it is on joints and bones. So no competition ever took place...don't worry, we all know who would have won!!! ;-) Go Anna!

We are very much enjoying having Anna in our home and can not wait to really get her HOME... In Bremerton! Day +80 will be a huge day of extreme tests much like she had prior to being admitted to Children's for the transplant. After day 80 we will have a better idea of when we might get to go back to Bremerton. City life has it's perks, but country life has soooo many more! Sunday I sat in our van, windows open, baby sleeping.....the peaceful sound of the breeze was something I hadn't realized I had missed so much! You don't realize how quiet Bremerton is until you've lived in Seattle. Sorry, folks, I'm still a country girl! You might be able to take the girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the girl! I miss home very much! I miss being able to have my windows open for a breeze and not have cigarette smoke to smell! Oh, there is much to be thankful for here... don't get me wrong! I am very blessed to have had this place to live in! But I'm ready to get back to life at home again.  I am thankful that God has allowed us to stay together throughout this ordeal! It also makes me more thankful for things at home that I may have become unthankful for before. Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day today! Thank you for your continued prayers! God has been faithful and good!


  1. We are praying for Anna! It's sooo good to see God answering prayers! I'm glad you all have been able to be together, that must be such a blessing:)

  2. What a great update...prayers are continuing to be answered by our great God! Love you, Anna!

  3. It's very hard to hear that the cancer is not completely gone, but it is comforting to know that none of this is a surprise to God. I will pray that the GVHD will indeed finish killing any of the remaining cancer. I love you guys!

  4. Our God continues to care for you! And we'll continue to pray for you for healing and protection. I'm so glad that you are able to remain at your home away from home, as family is an important part of the healing process. Keep looking up, and stay close to our Savior, 'For He knows the plans He has for you'! Love & Prayers from FL, Carole Binder & family

  5. stylish as always Anna! that is a lot of pills to have to swallow! :( i will be praying that the GVHD will be a good thing, and that it will kill the left over cancer... i will also be praying for Darrin... i think of the phrase "fight like a girl" and instead it should say "fight like Anna! she has God on her side!" <3 you... Ray-ray

  6. We are praying for your dear family and thank you for this update! <3

  7. Thanks much for the update. Love you and praying for you all. Give that Anna girl a hug for me!
    Love, Susan B.

  8. I am so glad to read your latest report. God is so good! We still have your family on our prayer list at Immanuel Baptist Church In Magnolia, AR. I will continue to read your reports and pass them on to those who are praying for your sweet family. Glenda Foreman

  9. Hello there Beautiful.... You to Emily Lol ;-)
    Praying every day for you. Miss you bunches. We are all looking forward to the day that you walk through the doors at West Side, what a day of celebration that will be !! I'm still working on your blanket. I would have it done a lot sooner if I didn't have to keep pulling out rows :( , I guess I should stop working on it when I'm sleepy, lol.

  10. Dear Anna, So glad to hear about the good numbers! Praising the Lord for that. Praying about that remaining cancer as well. I know that as a child of the Most High He has a truly beautiful plan for your life and I rejoice in that. The purifying fire does hurt, but know that He is there and is doing the exceeding abundant beyond what we can ask or think, both in your body and especially your soul.
    With love and prayers, Lydia Faith

  11. I'm praying for you Anna
    Love y'all

  12. Praising God for each day's blessings (no matter how small they may seem) and praying for each day's burdens (ditto). Missing you all greatly and I am also counting the days to when you all can be home again. Much love and many hugs and prayers, Grace

  13. Thanks for the update, Pastor and Emily. Love you all. What a blessing to see most of the family in the first row. Am soooo looking forward to seeing ALL of you on the front row. Love and miss you, Anna.
    My dear,I love your hair, and there's that Sunshine Smile, ever present.You DO win the "cute award".Praise the Lord for continuous fabulous numbers! God's loving purifying fire does take time
    Oh my. the PILLS! Have you given each bottle a name, as in a fruit, veggie, meat, dessert, etc? My husband Ted did. He had six different colored weekly boxes, one for each time of the day scheduled for "intake". He'd, say, "Well, I finished my early morning peanut-buttered toast snack, or I finished my noontime spinach salad." Sometimes he'd say, "Yeah, I think I'll start my own pharmacy. Funny man.
    Who is to say that the jumping jack competition won't take place? God has a way of allowing things to happen, ya know.
    Hugs and more hugs to you, and please, give them other biggen's and little ones a hug from me. Love to you all, Aunt Bea

  14. Praise the Lord that Anna's temp went down quickly. Continue to pray for her and your family. Like many others I am looking forward to the day when Anna can be back at WBC.

    In Christian Love,
    Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  15. Glad I found your blog. Been wondering how everyone was doing? We are praying for Anna!!! God is so good! Love you guys, Jill Bond


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