Catching Up A Bit...

At 36 years old, there are beginning to be more and more things that make me feel old. One major example of that is the fact that I now have a daughter who has graduated. GRADUATED!! One down, eleven to go....

Congratulations, my sweet daughter, on your accomplishment of hard work and diligence! I am so proud of you! You have done a great job throughout the years of education and I'm thankful you have the heart that desires to continue learning, for life is a constant field to learn from. You love books, this will carry you far! I trust that you will one day pass this love of reading on to your own children.

We celebrated this great feat on Sunday, June 30, 2013, along with six other graduates. Of the seven graduates, five of them were home educated. The parents of the five presented their students with a diploma and the church presented each person with a study Bible, complete with their name embossed on the cover. Craig began the evening with a challenge from God's Word to the students (and everyone else) and we ended the evening with pizza, salads, and dessert. I am so proud of each of the students for working so hard to finish the course set before them. It is our prayer that they each follow God's leading in their lives. We pray they will serve Him to the fullest!!!



  1. Congratulations Naomi

  2. Congratulations Naomi! May God continue to guide you in His path of righteousness for His name's sake!

  3. Congrats my sweet sister!! So proud of you. Congrats also to Cody, Hannah S, Tessa B,
    Sarah S, And Daniel S.


  4. Congratulations, Naomi! I pray that the Lord will continue to guide you as you diligently seek Him, which I know you're already doing.

    Your brother in Christ,

  5. Congratulations, Naomi! : )

  6. I can not believe she is graduated!!! Seems like JUST YESTERDAY we were celebrating my graduation at church! That..was .......6years ago.........SIX!

    Congrats Naomi! So very proud of you! Hugs & loves! Excited to see where you are in 6 years ;-)

  7. Congrats Naomi!

    -A fellow graduate! ;)

  8. Congratulations! You're beautiful inside and out! I'm so grateful for you, and proud to call you my friend! I love you, Nomio!


  9. Congratulations Naomi!!! I am so proud of you! BTW, Mrs. Houston, it doesn't get any easier when the others graduate... trust me, you just feel like you've really earned those extra gray hairs all the more. LOL Love and hugs to you both, Grace

  10. Congratulations, Naomi (and Pastor & Emily!)! A fabulous accomplishment, for sure.

  11. so beautiful! i dont know if it is a warming filter on the photo, or if you colored your hair... or if i just didnt notice! but its a beautiful reddish brown! <3 rayray!

  12. Thank you all! No Rachael. It's all my own color and thank you I grew it myself!

  13. Naomi....congratulations! After 60 years I STILL remember my graduation from high school. But the funny part is, I suddenly thought..."Now, what am I going to do after summer is over, and no more high school? You know, after 12 years (no kindergarten available at my grade school) I was not really ready for now more schooling. But, in Sept.I did enroll at Olympic Community College..AND it took me 35 years! to finally get my Associates Degree Some things you just CAN'T rush into. But, I don't even remember to much about the ceremony...I was in a state of shock that I had FINALLY finished my AA. Probably finished it due prodding from a long time friend in Admissions and Records who chided "to make an honest woman of myself" as she claimed, "You are the only one with a 5-page transcript with 500 art and PE credits, (not really, but you can tell where my interests were)and you have only one more year to use the OC catalog of your course outline...WELL, that got my attention. She evaluated my transcript, outlined the required subjects needed, and away I went for the next four quarters. Whew..intense. An then to finish 3 years of Bible, Institute.I can relate to the fast pace you have had the past couple years to finish.
    I'm so glad you love books! So do I. Keep learning, and more importantly, remain teachable. My philosophy is you are never too old to learn. God has presented so many wonderful things for us to learn...what a journey.
    I am so proud of you..GOOD JOB!! Love ya, Aunt Bea

  14. Congratulations Naomi! You finished the course for high school that is wonderful. Now what will you do for an encore?? Perhaps the Lord will use you to help a "few" of your sibilings... : > ). Well, anyhow I'm proud of you. It seems you've grown up so very fast before my eyes you had just turned 10 when my family and I arrived in WA.

    God bless you,
    Mr. Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  15. Congratulations Naomi! I too am catching and saw this wonderful milestone in your life. Will be praying and watching for your future endeavor! Keep Christ as your center and you can't go wrong!
    Lindy Burkhart


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